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Sudanese-US dialogue will pave the way to remove Sudan from terrorism list

  By: Neimat alNaiem

The recent visit of the Al Diridi Mohamed Ahmed the minister of foreign affairs to the US where started on 5th November 2018, where he met US top officials. This visit which considered his first one after his appointment as minister of foreign affairs, within the recent ministerial amendment in the Sudanese government .

The minister held several meetings discussing the standing issues and the bilateral relations and the normalization of these relations. Many files are discussing during this visit, as the top is removing Sudan mane from the list of states sponsoring terrorism.

 Some optimistic Observers said the visit will come out with positive results depending on the reports issued from the US side that Sudan is achieved progress in cooperation in countering terrorism. They pointed to that the visit will have its impact on the going of the dialogue between the two sides. Others believe that it takes time to remove Sudan from that black list as they said, noting to the requirements of the coming step of removing Sudan name from that list.

Minister of foreign affairs reviewed Sudan efforts in combating terrorism in the region and to realize peace, security and stability.

On October 2017 , the US lifted the two decades economic sanctions that were imposed on Sudan since 1997 , which simultaneously with the exploration , production and exporting of Sudanese oil where Sudan shipped its first oil in 1999 . That means the stopping of American companies from trading with Sudan, beside many giant international companies.

The post lifting sanctions era witnessed noticeable development where many American delegates represented the American top officials, in addition to the American businessmen and investors more than 130 American companies coming to explore investment in Sudan in 2017. The efforts of realizing peace are considered one of motivators for those Americans and others to come to invest in Sudan.

Sudan Government assured commitment with the political dialogue with the SPLM-N to realize peace in the two areas of the Blue Nile, South Kordufan and Darfur, in the expected peace talks between the government and armed groups in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia.

Government top officials highlighted the citizens of the mentioned areas with the efforts being exerted to solve the problems through dialogue for the sake of all Sudanese people.

Realizing peace, security and stability, beside the humanitarian aids are some of the requirements of removing Sudan from the terrorism list. The second phase of the Sudanese-US dialogue will pave the way to remove Sudan name from the list of States sponsoring terrorism .


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