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Sudanese- US Dialogue, good will to remove Sudan name from terrorism sponsor list

Report by: Neimat al Naiem

Sudanese- US relations entered a new phase, represented into continuation of the second phase of the Sudanese-US dialogue, and the lifting of Sudan from terrorism sponsor list. The current visit of Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, minister of foreign affairs to Washington will push forward this dialogue between the two sides.

He said in press statements that this round schedule Tuesday will address the lifting of Sudan name for terrorism list.

Al-Dirdiri explained the great efforts exerted by Sudan in combating terrorism at the local, regional and international levels. In addition to the efforts in maintaining peace, security in the countries in the region. It worth mentioning that Sudan is also exerted noticeable efforts to achieve peace in Central Africa Republic, this during the recent tour of the minister of foreign affairs in the African countries. 

The minister of foreign affairs visit also to some European countries included Italy , Germany , Belgium and France will enhance and support the efforts of removing Sudan name from terrorism list . Sudan has good relations with these European countries as the western diplomats said pointed to the efforts of Sudan in encounter the illegal migration to the European. Or in another meaning to organize this migration to has its legal form. All these and others will support in removing Sudan from that black list as soon as possible 

The two decade economic embargo on Sudan since 1997, and the partial lifting of these economic sanction in October 2017, since then Sudan is working very hard to cooperate in combating terrorism. Some reports issued from the US side said that Sudan achieved positive progress in cooperating to combat terrorism.

Sudanese officials have insisted on the need of the country to be removed entirely from the list of states sponsor terrorism, it cannot be the benefit from the debt relief and international development aid.

The good will in removing Sudan name from that black list is so important. Looking in depth in these efforts exerted by Sudan, and at the same time looking between lines in these reports, it is very clear that Sudan name will be lifted. It may a matter of time. 

 This round of the second phase of the Sudanese- US dialogue should put dots on the letters for this important and vital issue. This round will determine the real requirements to remove Sudan from the terrorism sponsor list, which means peace, security and stability not only for Sudan, but  also for the whole region .  


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