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The Egyptian chronic headache

Report - By: Neimat al Naiem

The bilateral relations between any neighboring countries witness tensions from time to time for different reasons, either political, economic ,social or may be sometimes tribal at the borders which create instability at borders joining or separating these countries. Sudan and Egypt despite the unique historic relations, but the bilateral relations ups and downs for many reasons. These tensions took many shapes and names for different reasons. Five files resumed these tendons appeared from time to time between Sudan and Egypt. Halaib and Shelatain at the Sudanese -Egyptian borders is one of these files that create a headache to the Egyptian government .Egypt used to discuss this issue when Sudan external relations witnessed noticeable progress and development.

The recent historic visit of the Turkish president Recept Tayeb Erdogan to Sudan on 18th December2017 is considered of the successes of Sudan in developing it's external relations with such strong states like Turkey. The rehabilitation of Swakin historic and tourist site as an agreement signed between Sudan and Turkey may present a threaten to Egypt the, in addition to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the distribution of the river Nile water, also supporting the Sudanese opposition be strongest threaten to Egypt .

Red sea security and protection of borders are top priorities for Sudan. Sudan internal stability will affect on political stability on the region .The Egyptian mass media played negative role in escalating and developing these tensions between the two neighboring countries. It is a dirty game from the formal Egyptian mass media against Sudan.

Many questions come in mind, what are the causes for such crisis? Who are the verification? What are the real agenda of the Egyptian media to escalate these tension? Is it a crisis of governments?

The whole world tends to create big strong economic and political alliances to protect their interests .Sudan is a gate to Africa. Developing of the external relations is one the most important strategic reasons to fullfil political stability not in Sudan or the region, but for Africa and the Arab world.

Sudan and Egypt have to consider these five files or more of tensions to be factors to enhance bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries, not to throw Gasoline in the fire. Sudan has strategic situation to enable it to be a major player in the area. We hope that Egypt be aware to the joint interest and benefits that serve in stability of the two countries. We hope that such tensions will not be an Egyptian chronic headache to Sudan.


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