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Omar: Rebel Movements Aim To Obstruct Lifting of Sanctions

The Envoy of the Presidency for Negotiation and Diplomatic Communication on Darfur File, Amin Hassan Omar said that the main purpose of the armed movements’ attack on the East and North Darfur is to affect the decision of lifting the US sanctions.

The Envoy stressed that the government’s priorities are to stop the war and reach a lasting peace based on the Doha agreement.


Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Omar said that informal negotiations held in Berlin last Friday with armed movements, which refuse to join peace is an attempt to bring the views of macro issues.

He explained that the rebellion wanted to send a message to the international community to abort the desire of the Sudanese people who were affected by the sanctions, pointing out that the attack supported by Hafter in Libya and the government of South Sudan, explaining that the Sudanese armed movements has been supported, although indirectly.

Buying Time

He said that the armed movements are trying to gain time by negotiations rounds and wait for possible changes in the political arena, adding that the movements adopt their proposals to obstruct the Doha agreement, and that what has rejected by the government.

The government delegation to the Darfur negotiations rejected the paper presented by the armed movements in Germany because it’s overcome the Doha agreement, adding that any informal negotiations related to the contents not the basic procedures in the solutions.

He expressed his optimism about the international community attempts in Berlin’s informal negotiations to reach a common understanding on the overall issues concerning the Sudanese people, foremost of which is peace and stability.

The State Minister and Chairman of Darfur peace follow-up office Magdi Khalaf Allah said that the armed movements have been to the timing the attack with the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan.

He confirmed that the armed forces and “rapid support forces” have dispersed the attack and seized 23 vehicles in good condition, and destructed a number of armored vehicles and vehicles.

He said that the Darfur Peace Office is working in accordance with a plan to enforce the remaining projects of the Darfur Regional Authority through the commissions set by the Presidency, stressing that there is full coordination with the States to complete these projects.



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