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Sudan’s Histories Should be Preserved , says Sultan

The Governor of Shariah Emirate, Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasmi, said  unlike othe countries in the world  Sudan has multiple histories and forms of heritages that shall be preserved to boost national affiliation.

This came when he  was speaking in Opening Symposium about Protection  of Heritages in Sudan on Monday, which was held at Sharjah Heritage Academy.


Sheikh Sultan  pointed to  importance of giving concern to individuals in the local communities, telling a story about one of his Sudanese lecturer who asked him to present proposals about how to care of cattle and livestock in Sudan at the request of  Sudanese military ruler at that time, and he answered by one sentence ’’if you want to care about livestock in Sudan, you have to care about its people in the  first place” .

He  referred to the importance of Sudan’s geographical position, history and preservation of the diversity of its heritages.

He said that Sudan was a destination of caravans from West African through Darfur to Suakin Port conveying heritages of  West Africa, noting that  the conveyed heritages made Suakin a gateway for Africa to the Arab and Islamic regions.

He stressed that the heritage and history are boosting to the national affiliation.


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