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Al-Dirdiri: South Sudan Peace Agreement Received International Support

The Foreign Minister, A-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, affirmed that Sudan has obtained wide appreciation from the international community for its sponsorship to South Sudan peace agreement. In an intervention he gave at the meeting of the national Council of Ministers Sunday in Al-Obeid city, the capital of North Kordofan State, the minister pointed out that the United Nations has agreed on deployment of 2000 Sudanese and Ugandan troops among the international peace keeping forces in the Republic of South Sudan.

Al-Dirdiri said that the objectives of his participation in the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York included securing peace in South Sudan, holding dialogue with the United States, reviewing exit of UNAMID forces and launching the peace process in the Central African Republic.
On exit of the UNAMID, he referred to semi unanimity on the move in Darfur from the era of conflict to the full exit of the UNAMID by advent of the year 2020 which means Sudan entry to the stage of sustainable peace.
He pointed to a number of requirements that the Walis (governors) of Darfur states and the community shall fulfill for the move to the era of stability.


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