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President Al-Bashir Announces Opening of Border between Sudan and South Sudan State

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has announced opening of the border between Sudan and South Sudan State to facilitate the movement of citizens and the flow of the trade, affirming Sudan readiness to provide every possible help for achieving peace in South Sudan.

In his address Tuesday to second sitting of the Khartoum Round to Facilitate Efforts of IGAD for Realizing Peace in South Sudan at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies in Soba area, President Al-Bashir said that “We will work for lasting peace and our single goal is security, stability and peace in South Sudan”.
He said that Sudan has sacrificed its unity for the sake of peace, but this sacrifice did not lead to peace and resulted in aggravation of the situation of South Sudan people more than that during the era of war, indicating that the size of victims in recent disputes exceeded all the figures that occurred during the 20-year war.
President Al-Bashir said that have a moral responsibility towards any citizen of south Sudan, because he was the president of Sudan and the head of the government which has signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
President Al-Bashir has hailed the IGAD efforts to enable holding of the current peace negotiations between the southern parties in Khartoum for achieving peace in South Sudan.
He also praised the role of the Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, for reviving the peace efforts in South Sudan.
President Al-Bashir affirmed Sudan readiness to do its best for achieving peace in South Sudan.He stressed that the real leader is the one who sacrifices for his people, and that there is no leadership for anyone who sacrifices his people for personal interests or goals.
President Al-Bashir said that “We understand that the people of South Sudan are living in exceptional circumstances, therefore we shall stand with them to alleviate their suffering


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