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Talks between Khartoum and Juba on oil production resumption

Sudan and South Sudan have started discussions on the technical issues related to the re-operation of South Sudan fields and the exchange of benefits between the two countries. The agenda of the talks included the resumption of oil production from squares 1,2,4 and 5A in the south Sudan as well as the development of the process of transporting materials used in the oilfields, exchange of data and technical information, ways to supply fuel pumping stations and renovation of central treatment plants, transportation lines and the Units of measurement as well as the creation of favourable working environment and fields securing.

The Minister of Oil and Gas Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdullah pledged full commitment of the Government of Sudan to meet all its obligations, pointing to the importance of oil cooperation between the two countries to exploit their economic resource that contributes to the economic stability in the two countries.
The Minister of Energy of State of South Sudan Ezekiel lol Gatkuoth stressed the importance of technical discussions that lead to the re-operation of the oil fields of the State of the South and the restoration of oil production from the fields of Tom, Fire, Moqa, Unity and Sargath as well as the increase of production from currently producing fields in Flug, stressing the importance of cooperation to achieve the interests in the file of oil sector, which contributes directly to the stability of life of the two countries.


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