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Ambassador Dahab Renews Sudan Full Commitment to Justice

Sudan permanent envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Omer Dahab, has renewed Sudan full commitment to justice.
In his response and comment on the 27th report of the International Criminal Court, ambassador Dahab said that disadvantages of this Court are not confined to the contradiction in the articles of the law that it is applying which is the Rome Statute, but also have widened and exacerbated by its corruption, abhorrent political exploitation and because of the ugly selectivity that the court is pursuing which has resulted in its targeting to the African leaders alone.

He pointed out that the leaks of WikiLeaks leaked in February 2009 gave a glimpse of the extent of exploitation of the court to achieve the narrow objectives and political ambitions narrow of some countries in the name of criminal justice.
He gave in his statement before the Security Council examples of the lies that some circles in Darfur have depended on them for prolonging the dispute and halting the ongoing normalization process in Darfur, indicating that these lies included the government staging of ground and air offensives and its use to chemical weapons.
The permanent envoy has called on the Security Council members to respond to the desire of the African leaders, which they have declared in their recent summit in Addis Ababa, for putting an end to the confusion created by the International Criminal Court with regard to the immunities provided by customary and codified international law and being enjoyed by heads of state and officials and which have been questioned to target certain states and officials.
He said that the African leaders have asked the United Nations General Assembly to issue a legal opinion from the International Court of Justice that would put an end to this contradiction and conflict and to clarify the position of international law on this issue in the interests of justice and equity.
Meanwhile, the African delegates expressed their commitment to the African position, while he permanent envoy of Ethiopia to the United Nations, Dr. Tekeda Alimo, has focused in particular to the role of President Omar Al-Bashir in achieving peace in Sudan and the African continent, stressing that the Security Council should correct the heinous mistake that it has committed by referring the situation in Darfur to this Court.


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