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IGAD summit kicks off, President Bashir leading Sudan delegation

The summit meeting of the IGAD grouping kicked off here on Thursday with the Sudan delegation led by the president of the Republic, Omar Bashir, and participation of the heads of state and government from IGAD countries as well as the representative of the South Sudan opposition.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abby Ahmed addressed the opening session stressing that it was high time to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan and that any movement that goes behind without reaching a solution would mean more loss of lives there.
He said the crisis in South Sudan represents a crisis for the whole region and that achieving peace and prosperity in the South Sudan would mean achiever peace and prosperity for the whole East Africa region of which the IGAD is composed.
  He said the meeting between the president of South Sudan Gen Salava Kiir Mayardit means a glimpse of hope and that everyone is now aware that time was ripe for a new start for South Sudan.
The opening session was also addressed by the African union commissioner, Musa Fakki, as well as representative of the European Troika and the Representative of the Chinese government, all stressing the need to reach peace in South Sudan and to achieve stability, reach ceasefire and commit to peace deal signed.
The summit is to discuss the implementation of the peace agreement signed by the government and opposition in South Sudan.


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