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Sudanese-American talks in the fields of animal resources

The Minister of Animal Resources Bishara Juma Aror stood, during his ongoing visit to the United States of America, on the possibilities of US companies with which the ministry and Sudanese national companies signed earlier memorandums of understanding.

The minister toured the sites of World Wide Cyrus and other companies in Columbus, Ohio, one of the largest US companies in the field of frozen sperm and the improvement of breeds.
Aror said, in a statement to SUNA, that the visit came at the invitation of the World Wide Cyrus and the Agricultural Advisor after discussions with the company during its participation in the Animal Resources Conference held in Khartoum to get acquainted with the American technologies and experiments in improving the breeds of animal resources, adding that the company has great technologies and expertise in the field of sperm and improved breeds, explain that the visit covered a number of American companies and universities.
Aror revealed a framework agreement in the coming period with the company and a number of other US companies to expand the partnership and benefit from US technologies.
It is worth mentioning that the minister's agenda included meetings with the US Department of Agriculture in the presence of a representative of the US State Department. The delegation also scheduled to meet with officials from the American Aid Organization as well as a meeting with the Sudanese community in America.
The minister's visit came as the second phase of the US-Sudanese dialogue approaches.


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