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US technologies for development of animal resources in Sudan

 The Minister of Animal Resources  Bishara Juma Aror has visited the Center for the Production of Nectar and Artificial Insemination in Ohio state at the United States of America, which is the headquarters of the world's largest company in this field with the purpose of implementing the National Project for the Improvement of Animal Breeding, Development and Conservation of Genetic Resources.

The minister discussed with the officials of Ward Ware Sarz Company the possibility of training, capacity building and skills and expertise upgrading of the employees of the Ministry of Animal Resources, which comes within the framework of the implementation of the partnerships that took place during the National Conference on Resources held recently in Khartoum. The two sides agreed in the joint meeting on the immediate training after Eid al-Fitr.
The minister pointed out that this visit would achieve the desired goals in the coming period by taking advantage of the modern technologies owned by Washington to promote and develop the sector as the key supporter of the national economy.
The visit of the minister to the United States came at the invitation of the US adviser for Agricultural Affairs in the African Continent, which began yesterday and lasts for a week with the aim to start the implementation of the partnership projects in the field of animal production and hold discussions on how to benefit from the experiences of the United States in the framework of providing technical and logistical support in the field of animal production, Veterinary medicines and vaccines.
In a press statement, Aror announced the launching of the national campaign for the artificial insemination project in the ministry following the training course. He stressed endeavor to implement the slogan "Our Revolution in our Wealth" to increase production and productivity and promote Sudanese exports and achieve food security.


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