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Sudanese Turkish cooperation for manufacture of electric power towers

The Sudanese electricity Transfer Company on Thursday signed an agreement with two Turkish companies for the manufacturing of high voltage electric towers and other power transfer and distribution cables.

The State Minister for Electricity, Yusuf Hamza, has pointed out that the ministry is going ahead with its policies of localization of electricity equipment inputs and of involving the private sector in the process, given the fact that power has become the driving force in any economic and development process.

The Director of the company, Hassan Omar, said the new factory will be erected in Gaili area in Khartoum state and will start production as of next year. He said the factory would be a great impetus for the efforts exerted to link each of Darfur, South Kordufan States as well as the Blue Nile area to the national grid.
He said it would also help strengthen the national grid and get rid of bottle necks, enable the national grid contain the renewable power projects.


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