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Sudan FM condemns airing of "Abu Amr the Egyptian" TV series

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the airing by Egyptian TV channels of a series, the Abu Amr the Egyptian, that seeks to instill a negative stereo type image linking terrorism to some Egyptians who are resident in or are in visit to the Sudan.

The ministry said the producers are attempting to say that Sudan was the scene of some events within the Sudan and are in fact seeking to tarnish the image of the brotherly relations between the two countries and in particular to smear the presence of some Egyptian citizens within the Sudanese territory and who are in the country as part of a mutual agreement between the two government.
It cited the frequent air trips from Sudan to Egypt and vis versa, daily, stating that there are over ten flights each day between Cairo and Khartoum as well as fifty bus trips between the Sudan and Egypt, not to speak of other transportations.
It said contrary to what the series is trying to say, not a single incident involving Egyptian resident in the Sudan has been reported.
It referred to the strong security agreements between the two countries that allows no political or any other hostile activities against the other country.
The Ministry quoted a long history of security cooperation between the two countries at the various levels, including meetings between the heads of state of the two countries.
It said the serial which is debasing to the Egyptians coming to the Sudan or those resident in the country, is but a futile attempt seeking to undermine trust and paralyze the continuous of contact between the two sister people.
This attempt, the ministry stressed, is poised to total failure. It said the Sudanese embassy in Cairo, Egypt, has lodged an official complaint to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt over the said serial.
The Statement said the Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum has also summoned the Egyptian ambassador to Khartoum and handed him an official complaint on the same issue.
It called on the ministry of foreign affairs of Egypt, to take the appropriate action and put an end to attempt seeking to undermine the gains and interests of the two sister peoples in Egypt and the Sudan.


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