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President Al-Bashir returns home following participation in Istanbul Islamic

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, on Saturday retuned home following his participation in the emergency summit meeting of the Islamic Cooperation Organization. He was received at the airport by the first vice president and Federal Prime Minister Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih and a number of other ministers.

The minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Al Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, has pointed out in press statement upon the return of the delegation that the summit came in reply to the developments in Palestine top of which the transfer of the American embassy to the Occupied Quds and further developments following the Palestinian marking the Massacre Day to which the Palestinians were subjected and which resulted the death of so many. He said these developments led President Tayyeb Reccep Erdogan to call for the energy summit meeting in which a number of presidents, kings and heads of state and minister took part. He said the summit has announced its rejection of the Israel arrogance and voiced it support and backing beside the Palestinian people and called for a unified stand of the Islamic world in face of the Israel aggression and to stand against he American position which is supportive of the Israelis.
He said the president also met on the sideline of the summit with his Turkish counterpart, Erdogan, and discussed with him issues of mutual interest and the follow up for what has been agreed upon during the recent visit of President Erdogan to the Sudan, December last year.
The minister said he has met on the sideline with his Turkish counterpart and discussed with him the upcoming meeting of the joint Sudanese Turkish ministerial committee. He said he also conferred with the Saudi Foreign minister and that this meeting agreed upon the convening of the Sudanese Saudi joint strategic committee during this month of Ramadan in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
The minister said he also conferred with his Egyptian counterpart and that it was agreed he will be visiting Egypt shortly. He said he also met with a number of African and Asian Ministers in the margin of the emergency summit.


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