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Bashir arrived in Turkey for the Islamic summit

President of the Republic Omar Bashir, arrived here Friday leading Sudan's delegation to the Islamic Cooperation Organization emergency meeting called for by President Tayyeb Reccep Erdogan, to discuss issues related Quds and the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The President Khartoum earlier in the day for Turkey leading Sudan's delegation to the summit in which heads of state and government, and kings from Islamic world are participating at the invitation of the ICO chairman, Erdogan.
The President delegation included the Minister for the Presidency of the Republic, Dr Fadul Abdalla Fadul and Hatim Hassan Bakheet, the State Minister at the Presidency Director General of the President offices.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed who is already in the two for the ministers meeting which occurred early morning Friday, also jointed the presidential delegation upon arriving in Istanbul.

The summit is discussing Israel aggression against civilian Palestinian who rejected the decision by the American president to transfer his country's embassy to the town of Jerusalem.

The president was seen off at Khartoum airport by the First Vice President Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih and a number of other senior government officials.

The works of the summit started with the meetings of the Foreign ministers early morning and would be followed by the meetings of the heads of states, evening Friday.


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