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President Al-Bashir Affirms State Keenness to Realize Peace in Darfur

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed the state keenness to realize peace in Darfur and to patch up the rift between the people of Darfur. This came during his meeting Wednesday at the Guest House with the General Administration of Displaced People and Refugees in Darfur States.

He affirmed continuity of the collection of unlicensed weapons, indicating that the increase of weapons in Darfur has become a problem in Darfur. President Al-Bashir has affirmed the government keenness to provide basic services for the citizens and dispose from the displaced people camps. He blessed establishment of the General Administration for Displaced People and Refugees in the States, stating that an integrated program will be worked out to implement all the demands of the displaced people and refugees in coordination with the Walis (governors) of the states.
He asserted that the government will repatriate the displaced persons and refugees to their home areas voluntarily and will provide them with the requirements of decent living.
Meanwhile, the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Sanousi, has underscored the importance of realization of peace and development in Darfur, indicating that the people of Darfur have hated war.
A number of the representatives of the displaced people have affirmed their call for peace, development, continuity of the collection of weapons and provision of services for the people of Darfur.


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