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French Ambassador Affirms her Country's Support to Efforts for Solving Disputes in Sudan

 Chairman of the External Relations and International Cooperation Committee at the National Assembly, Dr. Mohamed Al-Mukhtar, Tuesday briefed the visiting envoy of France to Sudan and South Sudan on the political situation in Sudan and Sudan foreign relations, in presence of the Ambassador of France to Sudan, Emmanuel Beltman.

The two sides have discussed issues of mutual concern and exchanged views on a number of issues of mutual concern to the two countries.The French ambassador has affirmed her country's support to Sudan efforts for solving disputes at the remaining limited areas, indicating that France supports the initiative of the high-level African Union's mechanism, hoping that the two sides will go forward in implementing the roadmap which was adopted in the year 2016 and called on the non-signatory movement to join the document.She referred to the appreciation of the envoy of France for Sudan and South Sudan of the performance of the Sudanese National Assembly.
Meanwhile, the French delegation has attended part of the National Assembly's sitting which has reviewed a report of the Minister of Interior on the security situation in Sudan and the Civil Register.


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