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Attorney-General meets President of Omani Supreme Court

The Attorney-General, Omer Ahmed Mohamed met in his office Monday the President of the Omai Supreme Court, Dr Ishaq bin Ahmed and his accompanying delegation and presence of the Deputy Chief Justice, Jud ge Abdul-Majeed Idris , the First Attorney -General Assistant, Husham-Eddin Osman and the Public Prosecution officials.


The Attorney -General presented full briefing on the Public Prosecution Act after separation from Ministry of Justice. He explained the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution includes following up dossiers of corruption, human trafficking , and terrorism, requesting the concerned bodies to lift immunization and the President of the Republic to drop penalties and proposes amendment of laws.

Omer indicated to the Public Prosecution readiness to cooperate with the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution on Sultanate of Oman through exchange of visits and experiences and training as well. He pointed to distinguished relations linking Sudan and Sultanate of Oman in all domains, particularly in legal field.

President of Omani Supreme Court, for his part, hailed separation of Public Prosecution from Justice Ministry , saying it will lead to transparency and impartiality in criminal lawsuits.

He indicated to eternity and depth of relations between Sudan and Sultanate of Oman.


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