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Sudan affirms full commitment and cooperation with the Independent Expert on Human Rights

Sudan has underscored its full commitment and cooperation with the UN Independent Expert on Human Rights in supporting the positive developments in state of human rights in the Country.


Acting Charge D'Affaires of Sudan Embassy in Geneva, Ambassador Kamal Jubara who delivered in the early hours of this Sunday a statement before the 37th session of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, indicated to Sudan back to statements of Arab-African group, group of Islamic conference and non-aligned group that call for giving more concern to human rights as fundamental demand reflecting development of nations in ladder of humanity.

The Ambassador said in his statement that Sudan has long renewed assertion on importance of supporting the human rights mechanisms in Sudan away from politicization , double standard and not employing such mechanisms to achieve political objectives that would undermine the credibility and achieve unproductive outcome.

Ambassador Jubara pointed out that the statement of the Human Rights Commissioner was based on reports contained incidents isolated from situations of human rights in Darfur region which is witnessing state of stability and security , voluntary return of 9internally displaced persons to their villages and areas as the UN Security Council resolution No.(6323 , 2017 confirmed and accordingly the UNAMID forces were reduced.

He said Sudan welcomes measures being taken by UNAMID in this connection and that Sudan is looking forward to implementing the second phase of the pull-out of the mission forces from the region.The Acting Charge d'Affaires said that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) is part of the Armed Forces, operate under the law , fight the armed movements , and protect the Sudanese borders from aggressors , human traffickers and tourists.

The Ambassador emphasized in his statement that Sudan has received over two million refugees within the past period in addition to refugees from Syria and Yemen , raising question about incentives the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) could provides to the cooperative countries in this regard.


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