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Foreign Minister calls on President Erdogan of Turkey

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, professor Ibrahim Ghandour, on Wednesday called on President Tayyib Reccep Edrogan of Turkey on the margin of the African Turkish Partnership Conference, Ankara, turkey. The Minister conveyed to president Erdogan the greetings of President Omar Bashir.  The two sides then focused on bilateral relations in the political, economic, cultural, scientific, military and security domains, in light of the historic and successful visit by President Erdogan to the Sudan, December last year.


The Official Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Gareeballa al Khidir, said President Erdogan on his side welcomed the minister and expressed appreciation for his recent visit to the Sudan, at the end of which he concluded a number of agreements, stressing the need to continue follow up and coordination on these issues. He said President Erdogan told the Minister it was imperative for the Strategic Planning Council to meet under the chairmanship of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs in the two countries and that this should take place before the advent of the month of Ramadan while the meeting of the Supreme Council for Strategic Cooperation between the two countries should be held before the close of the current fiscal year. The Spokesman has added that the Minister briefed the President on the current economic situation in the Sudan and the efforts exerted to follow up implementations of bilateral agreements and agricultural projects agreed upon in a way that would boost the strategic and economic partnership between the two countries. Ambassador Gareeballa said the meeting also touched on the current regional and international developments, with the two sides stressing the continuation of coordination and mutual backing in regional and international forums.


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