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FM: relations with India stand out as exemplary for Sudan's relations in Asia

The Minister for Foreign Relations, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, on Sunday said he was satisfied with the level of Sudanese Indian relations, adding that they stand out as exemplary relations for Sudan's relationship in Asia.


The Minister referred to the relations between the two countries that covers areas of petroleum, agriculture energy and others

The minister who received the Indian ambassador to the Sudan, Mr. Amrit Lugun at the expiry of his assignment to the Sudan, stressed that during the tenure of the ambassador relations between the two countries have scored huge achievements in the bilateral relations culminating the participation of the President of the Republic in the Indian African Cooperation Summit which took place in New Delhi, October 2015. 

He referred to the convening of the joint ministerial committee in new Delhi in 2017 after 17 years of suspension, beside the meeting of the consultative committee between the ministries in December 2016.

Ambassador Lugun on his side commended the assistance provided to him by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his work in the country and the close cooperation between the two sides at the region and international levels and the continued contacts between the leaderships in the two countries, namely the ministries of foreign relations

The two sides have pledged to go ahead with development of bilateral relations between the Sudan and India and to follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the ministerial committee between the two counties during its third meeting, convened in Indian in February this year.


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