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Sudanese - American Talks begin in Khartoum

Talks between the Sudanese and American sides began Thursday at the Foreign Ministry, co-headed by the Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, and the visiting Deputy US Secretary of State, John Sullivan.


Addressing the opening sitting, the Foreign Minister has welcomed the visit of the American official, affirming that Sudan will resume the dialogue between the two countries which has begun since 16 months.

He described the past stage of the dialogue between Sudan and the United States as excellent, witnessed commitment to the issues agreed upon and resulted in the lifting of the US economic sanctions.

He said that Sudan hoped that the dialogue between the two countries will end by the full normalization of the relations between Sudan and the United States.

The US official has expressed his pleasure to be in Khartoum to continue the dialogue which began in the era of the former President Barak Obama and resumed by the new US administration, indicating that the dialogue between the two countries will tackle different issues.


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