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US Company Announces Agreement to Construct Modern Silos in Sudan

The exclusive agent for a group of US companies in Sudan and the Middle East, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Weira Engineering Company, Dr. Mohamed Babiker, has announced the agreement of major US companies to the construction of silos in the Sudan following the lifting of the economic sanctions.


In press statements he noted that the group Weira Engineering company, and its partners from the US companies that works in the field of agriculture and agricultural equipment were ready to enter into major agriculture projects with a US financing and the financings of other agriculture projects in Sudan. 

He praised the national, executive and diplomatic efforts, and the efforts of the friendly states that have resulted in the revocation of the sanctions, that would open door for the US, European and Arab companies to invest in the Sudan.

Dr. Babekir has pointed to the entry of latest technologies from the United States in the field of drinking water purification and irrigation to the Sudan. He said the company has so far produced three types of modern water purifiers for individuals and residential groups and water treatment for agricultural crops to avoid any contamination that can be caused by stagnant water on farms and agricultural products.


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