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Gum Arabic Expert: Following Lifting of Sanctions Gum Arabic Will Strongly Invade World

The Gum Arabic expert, Abdul-Moniem Mohamed asserted that the Sudanese gum Arabic has greatly suffered from the unilateral sanctions and smuggling, where the gum Arabic passes through a number of countries and then the brand badges reversed in fear from the sanctions despite that it was exempted from sanctions by the USA.


He added that actually the exports of the Sudanese gum Arabic will increase to reach high rates and smuggling would stop, expecting great openness in the exports of all the Sudanese forest products.

He noted that the Sudanese companies working in the sector of natural gums are preparing to launch work after the resolve of the problem of financial transfers, indicating that the revocation of sanction has immediately affected positively the commodity of gum Arabic specially after being approved as natural "Probiotics" , live bacteria and yeasts that are good for health, especially digestive system, which has increased the protective and nutritious value of the Hashab tree, contrary to antibiotics, and in some European countries are used as a treatment for many diseases.

He called on the Sudanese companies to get prepared for setting new strategies to deal with the coming stage by improving the gum Arabic products, appealing to the government to facilitate exportation of forests products.


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