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OIC Welcomes Revocation of US Sanctions Imposed on Sudan

The Jeddah based-Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) has welcomed the revoking of the US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan, describing the decision as wise and will contribute to realization of peace and stability in Sudan .


The OIC, in statement issued, Saturday, that the organization's Chairman , Dr. Yousef Bin Ahmed Al-Asemine has expressed pleasure over the decision issued by the American Administration, last Friday, Oct, 6 2017, concerning the lifting of the sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997.

The statement said the Secretary General has pointed out that the wise decision will contribute to realization of peace and stability and the economic development in Sudan which its people suffered a lot of the unilateral sanctions .

The Secretary General has added that the OIC Secretariat General, has been calling on the US Administration to revoke all the sanctions imposed on Sudan, lauding the efforts exerted by the member states, in this connection, top of which, the Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia .


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