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Country Celebrates World Day on Desertification Combating

The National Council for Combating Desertification at the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Urban Development is due to organize a national workshop in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry next Monday at the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry entitled (Towards the Implementation of a National Strategy for Combating Desertification), celebration of the World Day for Combating Desertification under the slogan "Our land - our home - our Future" and launching the work of the National Council for Combating Desertification.


The Secretary General of the National Council for Combating Desertification Dr. Abdul-Azim Mirghani said to SUNA that the Ministers of Agriculture and the Environment would address the workshop, adding that several working papers will be present including the Legislative and Legal Framework Paper and a paper entitled "The Constitutional Status of the Environment and Natural Resources" and a paper on the Laws Governing the Acquisition and Sustainability of Land as well as another working paper on the role of the civil society organizations in combating desertification and presentation of a documentary show on the institutional situation on desertification combating in Sudan.


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