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President Bashir renews Sudan endeavors to find a solution to the gulf crisis as soon as possible

The President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Wednesday reaffirmed that Sudan would continue to exert efforts for reinvigoration of the diplomatic and political efforts seeking to find a solution the gulf crisis soonest possible, and to restore things to normalcy in the region and the gulf area in particular.


The president said he would work to avert the region from sliding into negative trend of dire consequences to the whole region.

The president made the remark upon receiving at the Guests House in Khartoum, the Qatari State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sultan Bin Saad Al Mirikhi, currently on visit to the country.

Hamid Mumtaz, the state Minister for Foreign Affairs, has pointed out following the meeting between Presidnet Bashir and the visiting Qatari official, that the meeting also underlined the need to work for an Arab internal solution for the gulf crisis that could impact the Arab House and weaken the Arab body, thus opening the doors for more crisis if it continues.

Mumtaz said the president has stressed that he would work to support the Kuwaiti initiative and voiced his confidence in the Arab leaders to find a political and diplomatic solution through dialogue that would put an end to the crisis.

He said the Qatari official has welcomed any resolution that would be based on dialogue and on diplomatic solutions.


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