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Monthly Bulletin - November 2015

America renews declaration of national emergency on Sudan

  1. 1. Based on Executive Order No. 13067, the American President announced on October 28, 2015 the renewal of the national state of emergency on Sudan for the entire year, that the Sudanese government is still representing (according to America) an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.



  1. 2. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry refused the resolution related to the renewal of the unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997, which represents a serious and frank violation of the international law and the rights of peoples in development and evolution. In spite of Sudan's efforts to achieve regional and internal stability, including the national dialogue. In the same context, some Sudanese civil society and voluntary organizations carried out a large protest march to the US Embassy on the 18th anniversary of the unjust economic sanctions that the United States imposed on Sudan. Some national human rights organizations prepared a report on the negative effects of these sanctions to be submitted to the independent expert, who visited Sudan in November 23, 2015.


  1. 3. The United States has slightly lifted the ban on wildlife and rural development in Sudan and it agreed to prepare a package of integrated activities and procedures through COMESA which include carbon project and gum Arabic and allow granting the Sudanese US visas from Khartoum instead of Cairo.


  1. 4. A delegation from the US Congress members has visited Sudan, during the period from 7 to 9 November 2015 in order to improve the economic, social and cultural relations between Sudan and the United States. The delegation consists of Bennie G. Thompson (Democratic Party), Chairman of the Interior Security Committee at House of Representatives, Marshall Sanford, member of the Committee of Interior Security and the Committee of Infrastructure and former governor of South Carolina, Janice Chaco Ski (Democratic Party) member of the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Permanent Committee of the intelligence at the Congress, Marcia Fudge (Democratic Party) former member of the Black Caucus Committee for basic education and infrastructure, and Sadiq Omar Khalaf Allah Chairman of Board of the (HDI Institute), Manager of the International American Institute. The visit was initiated by the Central Trading Company and organized by the Institute (HDI) in order to communicate with the decision institutions in the United States particularly the Congress. The delegation met a number of senior state officials, led by First Vice President of the Republic, the parliament speaker, leaders of political parties, businesspersons and figures of the opposition. The most important issues discussed are; the political, economic and social situations, including the national dialogue and efforts to achieve peace. Sudan economic potentials and investment opportunities and the position of the International Working Group on money laundering and the financing of terrorism to lift Sudan from the list of countries that suffer from deficiencies in anti-money laundering systems.


  1. 5. Regarding the American elections of 2016, the American electoral scene began three months ago by the partisan primary elections to choose candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties for the office of the American presidency. Hillary Clinton has approached to ensure the candidacy of the Democratic Party, especially after the announcement of Vice President Joseph Biden to cancel his candidacy for the presidency. The main campaign themes were terrorism and the economy, especially after Paris attacks. Hillary Clinton has, strongly, criticized the notes of her rival Donald Trump, concerning the need to record the details of American Muslims in a private database in addition to his adverse campaign against on Muslims and Syrian refugees.


  1. 6. The US position on Paris attacks as strong and outspoken, as US President Obama pledged his government's support to the Government and the people of France "to hunt down terrorists and bring them to justice." At the same time, the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA director stressed that ISIS overlapped its activities, not only, in the bloody Iraq and Syria, but implemented, now, external operations program, in addition to establishing local branches in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. US defense secretary also called on European allies to take a more aggressive steps to defeat ISIS.
    US President Obama has stated that it is difficult to terminate ISIS activities because it does not lead a conventional traditional war (it is not a matter of developed weapons, but it is related to their doctrine and their willingness to die, we make every effort to protect our fellow citizens and ourselves. France is not the only country to be targeted, but it is preceded by other attacks in Beirut, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt, where Russian aircraft targeted. The United States' strategy to confront ISIS is the use of military, intelligence and economic power tools, through a long-term campaign.


  1. 7. With respect to the developments in the Syrian position, representatives from the United States, Russia, China, Germany, Britain, Italy, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, as well as the European Union and the United Nations attended a meeting in Vienna chaired by US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the Syrian crisis. The participants agreed to keep the state institutions, territorial integrity and secular character of the state, to amend the constitution and hold new elections in Syria under the supervision of the United Nations, for the Syrians to recognize their rights to adopt a political operation that lead to a new constitution and transparent and fair elections under the supervision of the United Nations. Saudi Arabia is due to host on December 1, an expanded conference of the Syrian opposition in its both political and military aspects to unify visions and to engage in direct negotiations with the regime.


  1. 8. Sudden new incident: Turkey shot down a Russian fighter violated Turkish airspace after it has been warned. The Russian president described the plane dropping as a very serious incident and will have serious consequences. These developments may affect the fight against terrorism, the Syrian issue, refugee programs and the Russian-Turkish relations. President Obama has stressed that Turkey has the right to defend its sovereignty, its territory and its airspace and called for a de-escalation and expressed the United States concern regarding Russia's declaration of its intention to publish the two parties’ system anti-aircraft missiles in Hamim base in Lathiqiya in Syria.


  1. 9. Dr. Robert Farley Professor of diplomatic relations and international trade at the University of Kentucky adopted predictions with five potential scenarios that may lead to the World War III. He identified the following scenarios:
  • - The first scenario, the possibility of its occurrence in Syria during the developments on the ground that lead to a confrontation between (NATO) and Russia.
  • - The second war between India and Pakistan, in which tactical nuclear weapons may be used.
  • - Third war may begin between China and Japan.
  • - The forth war between the United States and China, which may emerge by the military confrontations between them around the Sea of South China if the United States increased its intervention in favor of Vietnam and the Philippines against China.
  • - The fifth and final scenario is the development of the situation in Ukraine which may bear all possibilities and any error of NATO or Russia could raise an armed confrontation and lead, consequently to a global war.


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