Many Countries Economies Threatened:Rampage of Electronic Crimes and Victims Unfortunate

In the light of advancements in technology, the ease of electronic crimes has increased rapidly in many countries. African countries have been affected particularly, with threats to the security and economy of these countries and the livelihood of families worldwide.

Electronic crimes can be defined as crimes committed against individuals and groups with the criminal intent of inflicting damage to the image, body and pyschology of the victim.  Typically this has come via the direct or indirect use of up to date communication networks like the internet,
Electronic crimes include any criminal act committed via computers or networks, such as piracy and hacking operations.

Many experts and stakeholders in the field believe such crimes threaten state security and its financial integrity. The problems associated with these crimes are many, including hacking , piracy and plagiarism, publicising pornographic images to children and attempting to exploit them for sexual and illegal trading (such as narcotic's trafficking.)
It also includes violating the privacy of people.

Observers say electronic crimes are not restricted to individuals or groups but extend to the national level,  including electronic espionage. A typical example was the leaks by former American National Security Agency member Edward Snowdon, who disclosed American espionage plots involving individuals, country to country communications, financial  theft and other cross-border crimes.

Sometimes the activities connected with countries targeting each other can be described in the context of electronic war.
A report sponsored by Makafi company, which specialises in combating viruses, the security of computers and internet networks, estimates the damage electronic crimes inflict on the international economy at 445 million Dollars. However a report by Microsoft shows that these estimates are based on inaccurate and defective statistics, which exaggerate losses.
Estimates indicate internet financial fraud in the United States of America   have caused a loss of 1.5 billion Dollars in 2012, as a result of credit card date stealing.

There are many forms of electronic crimes in countries, with Sudan being no exception. Many citizens are exposed to such crimes, the writer of this report, from places saying I had won a financial sum (particularly  BMW) and other well known companies. I also received a number of pornographic text messages as well as electronic messages from some families, particularly Syrian women.

Electronic crimes include fraud and financial crimes, a miscellaneous type of fraud on the internet based on 'preying' and  'social engineering.' This directly targets employees as well as companies. This type of fraud includes work by corrupt employees in financial institutions, who enter erroneous data or unauthorised directives. They use unauthorised operations with the aim of stealing or amending/deleting stored data, abusing existing systems tools, packages of data and writing programming codes with the aim of fraud.

The crimes also include electronic terrorism, an organised hacking by terrorists, foreign news agencies and any groups seeking to exploit possible  security loopholes in vital systems.
Electronic terrorists are people who force governmenst to satisfy political and social targets via waging an electronic attack on computer systems or networks by attacking the information stored in them.

Electronic crimes also comprises electronic extortion, when an electronic website or computer system are exposed to repeated attacks via the deprivation of service. The hackers often demand a payment to stop.
This has led to the formation of an electronic war where computer systems attack infrastructure.
Maybe military commanders can be assigned to command such wars in future. A good example of this is the Syrian electronic army, the Iranian electronic army and the unit of the Chinese peoples army

The most outstanding crimes that target computer networks or systems include viruses, and the attacks of deprivation from servers and malicious information.

The computer is a tool.

When individuals are the main target of major electronic attacks, then the computer is considered a tool instead of a target.
The attack of Sony Bicktichers internet in the United States, at the end of November 2014, is the latest type of electronic crime inflicting severe loss on companies. It has caused the leakage of films not yet released in cinemas, as well the stealing of hundreds of thousands of data and messages, delaying company prodeedings and halting crucial decisions.

By Al-Sammani Awadallah,

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