Anti-Terrorism and Money-laundering European African Cooperation

Money laundering requires an underlying, primary, profit-making crime (such as corruption, drug trafficking, market manipulation, fraud, tax evasion), along with the intent to conceal the proceeds of the crime or to further the criminal enterprise. These activities generate financial flows that involve the diversion of resources away from economically- and socially-productive uses—and these diversions can have negative impacts on the financial sector and external stability of member states. They also have a corrosive, corrupting effect on society and the economic system as a whole.


Sudan, with its historical and geographic nature, plays an important role in fighting these issues within the framework of efforts by African and Middle Eastern countries to besiege the money laundering networks through which the terrorist movements operate. In recent years, the Arab and African region has witnessed a significant activity of terrorist movements, civil wars activity development money-laundering.

A two-day workshop on anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) in the greater Horn of Africa has kicked off yesterday in Khartoum amid presence of participants from Horn of Africa countries and Yemen. The event was organized by AML/CFT Unit of European Union.

A workshop to raise the efficiency of the security agencies concerned with the fight against terrorism and money laundering and related to Security Council resolutions 1373 of 2001 and resolution No. 2267 of 1999 with a variety of participation and the presence of Alami heavy.


Sudan Committed


The workshop kicked off at the Grand Holiday Villa hotel last week, with the participation of Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Yemen, additional training teams from US, France, UK and South Africa were also present.


The workshop aims at raising the efficiency of the staff of the regular forces, the judicial organs and the central banks.

Ministry of Justice representative Ahmed Abbas opened the workshop, highlighting the state’s interest at the highest level to fight money laundering and financing of terrorism and to provide support and assistance to the competent authorities.


This confirms the commitment of Sudan and its clear political will in the expression of international standards to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, adding the workshop discussed and exchanged experiences between countries participating in the workshop.

Ahmed said Sudan exert raid effort last in area legislation issued the low Anti-terrorism and money-laundering in 2014 which has Come in line with international standards and agreements, including the implementation of Security Council resolution, oversight money information about the Anti-terrorism and money-laundering.


The ministry of justice agent the new Sudan’s commitment to international standards in the field of combating money laundering, terrorism financing and proliferation, believing us the crime its very danger to reflect on the Sudan At the international and regional level, Stressing the effort in coordination with all relevant international and regional groups to establish an integrated system The Sudanese National Security and Intelligence Service, the role play by European union in capacity building Anti-terrorism and money-laundering country of the region.


Security Cooperation

Ahmed Ibrahim representing the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) highlighted efforts towards maintaining national security, fighting illegal immigration, and the cooperation with international bodies.

“We should all work together at all levels  to fight terrorism and money-laundering,” he said, explaining the money-laundering effect on the economy, and the threat of terrorism to world peace. Intensive the continuation of Sudan for cooperation with UN and European Union Anti-terrorism and money-laundering. And efforts participate expert workshop in British country, Italy and Kenya.


International Standards

Mohamed Jamal Eldin head of National Authority to Anti-terrorism represented Sudan’s commitment to international standards to Anti-terrorism and money-laundering proliferation, believing us the crime its very danger to reflect on the Sudan At the international.

He said Sudan became one of the countries Technical accumulation the effects, many insinuation political technical. He adds the presence of great efforts by the President of the Republic By order Anti-terrorism and money-laundering.

Dr. Mohammed to devote the meanings of the increased pace of coordination and international cooperation in terms of exchange of technical information on the phenomenon to Anti-terrorism and money-laundering” We want to prove that we in Sudan have technical institutions capable and effective in the field of combating terrorism and money laundering and have many relationships at the national and regional level,” he explained It has partnerships at the international level and at the level of other counterparties around the world, such as centers and related bodies He said that the cooperation that will continue for long periods of time must be continued, and that it is looking for other partnerships with international bodies in order to eliminate this effect.


European Support

At the level, Representative of the Union European in Khartoum promised, providing assistance to the Sudan defiance countering to meet the international standards, she noted that the European Union has developed an integrated program of millions of dollars and euros for a number of countries in Extremism has become a threat to all countries and peoples of the world, she said the Horn of Africa to face challenges Anti-terrorism and money-laundering, And noted the lifting of the name of Sudan from the list of countries of guilt by Anti-terrorism and money-laundering, she explain the Sudan from international deserves help, she said Sudan must develop laws Anti-terrorism and money-laundering, and conformed the challenges facing Sudan, saying illegal many transfer threat all the world.

She added we should curb money-laundering and financing terrorism, expressing her hope to achieve the workshop objectives.


World Threat

Criminal and terrorist organizations use legitimate financial institutions to move and store assets, and how lawmakers have built on that fact to propose innovative and more efficient responses to crime problems. Profits generated by some organized criminal activities, such as drug trafficking or traffic in human beings, cause a threat not only to public safety, because of the huge economic power accumulated by a number of criminal organizations, but also financial systems themselves and to economic development. Recent events showed that terrorist groups also build financial empires, the purpose of which are specifically to undermine public safety and international financial stability.


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