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Sudanese- US promising relations

Report by: Neimat al Naiem

Ministry of foreign affairs declared its readiness to the second phase of the Sudanese-US dialogue with Washington, pointed to what was actually achieved concern the five tracks during the first phase.


In press statements last week to the mass media, Ambassador Mohamed Abd Allah Idris state minister at the ministry of foreign affairs explained they start in the arrangement for the second phase of the dialogue with the US pointed to Sudan efforts in achieving what is needed regards to the five tracks.

Ambassador Idris noted to the government readiness to the coming phase stressing on the support from some American bodies that expressed its appreciation on what Sudan had done on the standing issues concern the Sudanese- US dialogue.

It is noticeable that , immediately following  the lifting of US  economic sanctions last October 2017, many US top official had visited Sudan , three months later business men, and investors represented more 130 American giant companies had also visited Sudan . All these and other efforts and support from American groups played a major role in supporting and pushing forward procedures and efforts to remove Sudan from the list of States sponsoring terrorism that international issue , not only Sudan either to agree or dis agree with this accusing .

Looking back in the history, the Sudanese –US relations dates back to early decades, taking the diplomatic one which is date to 1956 when Sudan gained its Independence. More than 6 decades is the history of these bilateral relations which were affected with the regional and international changes worldwide.  They became ups and downs for many times. In 1967 these relations were broke down by Sudan during the six-day Arab – Israel war. Later in 1972, the relations were reestablished again. It is normal in politics and diplomacy that relations are greatly affects and be affected with the surrounding arena.  

The twenty years of sanctions affected Sudan economy and all life, but after lifting of sanctions the two sides expressed some sort of optimism to rebuild these relations as well as in the past.

Exchanging visits of the top officials in the two countries explained the good will, beside the support of the world community through its different international organizations.

 Despite all these and those reasons and causes of ups and downs in the bilateral relation, Sudan - US enjoy long history of friendship and cooperation through different gatherings, associations and societies and event individuals.

US hope for better relations with Sudan in 2018. Recently the US Administration expressed hope to improve these relations during this year. We believe this a positive indicator towards realizing progress of the bilateral relations. All these will urge the US administration to remove Sudan from list of states sponsoring terrorism.   


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