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No restrictions in banking dealings with Sudan: US treasury delegation

By: Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Since the lifting of US sanctions last October, 2017, several US delegations of US top officials had visited Sudan in the last few months. Despite the different aims of these visits but the outcome is the same. Most of these aim to stand on the reality of internal situations in Sudan. Beside the efforts of Sudan in combatting terrorism, extremism, human trafficking. 

Last year huge number of business men and investors represented 130 giant American companies had visited Sudan to explore and discover investment opportunities in Sudan.
These visits of US delegations are culminated with the recent visit of the US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Marshal Belingsei  , on the economic situation in Sudan and the difficulties faced by Sudan as a failure to remove Sudan from the list of States sponsoring terrorism. 
Marshal Belingsei, assured that there is no any restrictions in banking dealings with Sudan .He added that their visit aims for this reason in the area, noted out that sanctions were lifted and it is high time to involve and integrate Sudan economy in the international economy .He said that US had informed all banks and financial bodies in the Gulf and the region to deal direct with the Sudanese Banks.
Marshal called on the Sudanese government to exert more progress in the issues of human rights. He noted to the importance of his visit to Sudan describing it as one of high level visits, beside its role to enhance and strengthen the relations between Sudan and US, pointed to that Washington is working in this track.
During his visit to Sudan, Marshal, the US assistant of the Treasury, he met Sudanese top officials, included the minister Finance and Economic Planning, the undersecretary of the ministry of Foreign affairs.
He said in press statements that Sudan is fulfilled positive progress in the five tracks, looking for more progress in human rights and religious freedoms. He added that the US is looking forward to remove Sudan from the States sponsoring terrorism in the coming phase, expecting that as soon as possible.
Dr. Mohamed Osman al Rekabi, minister of finance and economic planning reviewed in his meeting with the US delegation the economic situation in  Sudan , and the challenges facing Sudan represented into the external debts , the name of Sudan in States sponsoring terrorism .
Meanwhile Ambassador Abdulghani alNaiem , the undersecretary of the ministry of Foreign affairs said that Sudan called on the delegate of the US treasury to support Sudan in cancelling the external debts , and integrating Sudan economy in the international economy clearly . He pointed to that they called on the American companies to come and invest in Sudan.
Ambassador al Naiem expects more practical steps in the economic relations between Khartoum and Washington soon.


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