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Khartoum Interior and FBI Sign MoU on Curbing Crimes ‏

The Ministry of the Interior and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) signed on Monday a (memorandum of understanding) MoU in combating human trafficking, criminal offenses and terrorism, which enables the exchange of visits, to benefit from expertise in the field of combating crime and uncovering its circumstances.

Director of General Directorate of Investigation Police, Maj. Gen. Hussein Nafie said in press statements following the signing ceremony that “The MoU provides for cooperation between the two countries in combating transnational and organized crime, exchanging information and providing technical assistance in the field of criminal investigations”.

“The MoU aims to achieve good results in the fight against criminal offenses, human trafficking, drug trafficking and counterterrorism,” said Jeffrey Walker, assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in East Africa.


He said they would work to make Sudan and America safe countries.

Interior Minister Representative, Maj. Gen. Imad Addeen Khalafallah welcomed the visit delegation, adding that the organized crime became a global concern a matter that necessitates international partnership to curb it, pointing out that the MoU represents the beginning of cooperation in training.



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