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Some Interests of Sudan with Turkey

Importance of Geo-strategic location to Sudan and Turkey and location interactions was strong effective factor to attract the two countries to each other during the 1990s. As the period witnessed group of changes on internal level in Sudan and Turkey what affected more on directions of foreign policies of the two countries.

Sudan's attention with Turkey due to its strategic location between Europe and Asia , so it is Euro-Asian country which played important role to the west before and after Cold- War between East Bloc and West Bloc. So Turkey has good relations with West ( Europe continent and USA) and owned a lot of specifications particular the modern technology of achieving the industrial revival in addition Turkey active member in Organization of Islamic Countries.


Besides, Sudan is looking for Turkish positive role to improve its relations with Europe Union and USA and hope that Turkey could play as mediator to rebuild relations with those two great powers which accus Sudan with allegations as Terrorism Sponsoring , breach of human rights and Export of political Islam what lead to the region Destabilization, particular on African and international levels

These desire from Sudan find acceptations from Turkish side specially after the vital political transformation that happened to Turkish foreign policy since 1995. While Turkey follow a policy aim to largely improve to their relation with states shared them the history , geography and culture for many long years in north and west Africa and middle east . in addition to develop Turkey relations with Europe Union and USA.

In this frame, Africa represent significant point to Turkey and also Sudan. Ex- Turkish foreign minister Ismaiel Gum said" Now Turkey for Sudan like an Opened window in both political and economic sides towards the West t and Europe. and according to this advantage , Turkey ready to support Sudanese brothers to create development and establish new relations with world and in fact we can and support Sudan" .

Sudan views that Turkey has good relations with both USA and Sudan and due its good relation with Sudan ( culture and history),Turkey could explain many Changes and events that may happened in Sudan and to re back normal of relations between Sudan and USA , that was according to Sudan Demand via minister of foreign affaires,Turkey promise to work on approximating viewpoints between Khartoum and Washington

In another side,Turkey succeeded through its relation with the West to get technology and achieved progressive economic revival after 1995 what considered the second reason of Sudan which aim to utilize from the Turkish experience and reach to western technology after the failure of relation between Developing countries and the West in field of transporting Technology. 

The most necessary factor in Sudan's relation with Turkey at least on the current level is Investment that represents big space in Sudanese attention via Keen of Sudan to discuss this topic within negotiations and meetings with officials in the two countries. The Sudanese side demanded to include discussion on investment in agenda of the bilateral ministerial committee meetings in both public and private sector levels.

Investment is new dimension in relation between Sudan and Turkey was not largely noticed before. In middle of 1990s after adopting Free Economy Policy in Sudan and turning to Private sector and implement a program of Privatization on the governmental institutions

Besides, Sudan aspiration to create the economic and social revival to Sudanese society spite the stat's limited sources and need to funding that consider one of fundamental factors hinder progress of development in Sudan . these conditions lead Sudan up to search for investors not in Turkey only but also in all world.

In last years, Sudan had selected for Turkey its preferable fields of investment and no problem the same for governmental or private sector. Theses were the infra- structures of economy such as energy, dams, Bridges& roads, mining, communications, transporting, administrative & Advisory Services , Construction works , education, health, technology and information Services and water projects .

According to paper on indexes of Sudanese economy and aspects of the Sudanese- Turkish economic relations , Sudan view point that those are strategic projects to achieve development and welfare of the society.Turkish side provided many facilities and guarantees and meeting concluded with an agreement of ( encouraging and protecting investment between the two countries) in 1999. 

Sudan provided to Turkish side projects in (7) economic sectors included Food industry, Drinks, sector of textile , Reade- Made Garment, sector of Chemical & Petrochemical industry, Paper and Packaging industry , sector of electricity and oil in addition to investment in new sources of energy as solar energy and Winds and investment in mining. But Turkish investment still weak in amount of about 2 billion US dollar. 

Sudan targeted in its relations with Turkey to become commercial market to the Sudanese different products and Exporting of raw materials or Produced goods and to be also market to Sudan for importing because Turkey as industrial state owns the suitable technology for using in Sudan in addition Turkish Products characterize low price and good quality what consider good profit for Sudanese customer.

Sudan owns huge amount of animal wealth evaluate with 123 million heads of cattle, sheep and camels, 27 million of Poultry and fishery wealth that its annual storage estimate of 110 ton in addition to various Wild-animal wealth. exports very little amount of these wealth . Arab countries are the first consumer to Sudanese meats , specially Saudi-Arabia . Sudan's current strategic plans for economic revival assert the necessity of doubl ing exporting Ten times , so Sudan works to find new markets , including Turkey. 

The same for agricultural crops which Sudan aim to increase production and exporting such as Gum Arabic, cotton, sun flower, Bean, sesame. 



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