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Erdogan: Sudan and Turkey Draw up Road-Map for their Future Relations

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyib Erdogan, pointed out that Khartoum and Ankara have drawn up the road-map for their future relations and began to look forward for more efforts to strengthen the cooperation between them in all fields.

Addressing the National Legislature Sunday evening, President Erdogan said that the two countries have signed a number of agreements during his current visit to Khartoum, decided to establish the joint strategic cooperation council and established the joint strategic group to discuss international issues.


He said that the two countries also endeavor to sign an additional agreement on cooperation between the Sudanese and Turkish Armed Forces.

President Erdogan affirmed that the two countries are working to establish frim relations between them for the interest of the two countries.

He appreciated the stand of the Sudanese people in support of Turkey against the coup.

He asserted the importance of increasing the volume of trade exchange between Sudan and Turkey from 500 million dollars to 10 billion dollars.

He referred to a meeting between the Sudanese and Turkish businessmen in Khartoum on Monday to sign more agreements and transactions between them.

The Turkish President has affirmed the keenness of his country to contribute to the development in Sudan through support to agriculture, the digging of water wells, supporting Sudan in the health and education fields and establishing vocational schools in Khartoum and Nyala and providing free of charge medical treatment to 100 Sudanese patients, stressing the importance of preserving the Sudanese heritage in Swaken.

President Erdogan has praised the Sudanese national dialogue and called on the armed movements and the opposition parties to join the national dialogue, affirming the keenness of Turkey to cooperate with Sudan and Africa for achieving more stability in Africa and boosting the infrastructures in Africa.

He also appreciated the efforts of Sudan in combating the terrorist Gullen organizations.

He reiterated the importance of cooperation of the Islamic World and getting alert about the activities of the activities of the terrorist organizations.


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