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Sudan – Russia rapid development of bilateral relations

Report - By: Neimat al Naiem  

Khartoum – The President of the Republic Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir to Russia concluded a three-day official visit to Republic of Russia began Wednesday 22nd November 2017 headed top governmental officials represented in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense representing the economic, diplomatic and military sectors. The visit aims to push forward the developing relations with Russia as part of the improving relations with the world community after the lifting of US economic sanctions on 6th October 2017.  Al Bashir- Putin summit in Sochi north of Georgia at the Black Sea translated on reality the development of the bilateral relations.


Sudan works serious to improve its external relations with the Far East friend countries as well as its neighboring countries in the Afro-Arab region. No one can deny the negative impact the US economic sanctions and the embargo since 1997. These two decades affected greatly on Sudan economy and the life in general. Sudan is playing essential role in linking the whole world for its geographical and strategic situation at the Red Sea.   

This distinctive situation enable Sudan to keep in touch with these countries despite that cruel embargo, since the lifting of US economic sanctions on 6th October 2017 several western delegates and American ones had visited Sudan looking for the opportunities of investing in Sudan. Sudan has rich natural virgin multi-able resources; these countries have huge capitals and experiences in mining and Oil discovery, industries and the modern techniques of agriculture. It is an opportunity for Sudan to set its well studied plans and strategies to create real investments and partnerships with these countries.

The visit of the President al Bahir to Russia as its mandate and agenda discussed the bilateral relations between Sudan and Russia, the Summit of the leaders of the two countries, signing of many agreements and memos in economic and military fields. The governmental high level officials accompanied the President represented in the economic, diplomatic and  Defense sectors ministries pointed to the importance of the timing of the visit after lifting of the US economic sanctions , and it send messages to the whole world that Sudan is working seriously to develop its external relations not only with the US as it appeared clearly in the great concern of US and the west with Sudan at this time and the recent visits of the American delegates to Sudan as an example the visit of John Sullivan , US  Deputy Minister of Foreign  Affairs .

This visit showed clearly the deep thinking of Sudan in keeping balance in dealing with the external world and the two important countries at the international level in discussing the world issues. Russia as permanent member in the UN Security has a role tom support Sudan in solving its inner issues. Sudan and Russia have real cooperation in different fields and expected to more progress. 

Economic experts and Politicians expected that the meeting and the presidential talks of the President al Bashir with his counterpart Vladimir  Putin will come out with strong results enhance and support the deep rooted bilateral relations between Sudan and Russia. These agreements will translate the Sudanese-Russian cooperation in the fields of Mining and oil discovery, education, agriculture, industry, defense, investment.

Reports issued recently in mass media pointed to that Sudan is considered as at the top list of the safest countries in Africa , and this will support the new orientation of Russia towards Africa and Sudan as example . It came also  in news days ago that Sudan’ Sea Ports as the safest globally.

Sudan is classified as at the top ten countries in producing Gold in the world and the second in Africa after South Africa. It has some rare minerals beside the known minerals of Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum,Salt , mica, manganese ,marble, quartz ,steel, an gypsum . And possesses about 5 million tons of reserve of Copper in Africa.  International Banks and Funds declared its readiness to develop copper production in the Red Sea state. 

Al Bashir – Putin summit enabled the two countries to develop and pick up the fruits of the bilateral relations, and opened new horizons for Sudan external relations not only in the Afro--Arab but to the whole world. 



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