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Final communique for the visit of the president of Guinea to the Sudan

Sudan and Guinea on Monday issued a joint communique at the end of the three day state visit to the Sudan by the Guinean president professor Alpha Cande at the invitation of President Omar Bashir.

The communique pointed out to the official red carpet reception accorded to his Excellency the president of Guinea upon arrival at Khartoum airport where he was received by President Omar Bashir and senior government officials and ministers.


The president who was accompanied by a high level delegation, held talks with President Omar Bashir. The two presidents held a closed door meeting and then they were joined by their delegation where the two sides held a joint official talks.

President Omar Bashir has welcomed the delegation from Guinea led by President Alpha Cante, expressing his joy at receiving the delegation in the visit which he said marks an important step in the bilateral relations of the brotherly nations and that it would be an impetus for further popular and official contact between the two sides and for exchange of experiences and benefit in the various domains including the agriculture, petroleum and mining.

The president, Bashir, pinpointed to the strong stands of President Alpha Conte and his call for nonintervention in the domestic affairs of the African continent and for his call for the independence of the African decisions.

President Bashir briefed president Conte on the political and economic developments in the Sudan and in particular on the steps taken for the prevalence of peace and stability in Darfur.

The president also pointed to the National Dialogue and to the outcome of the Dialogue and formation of the National Accord which brought all the groups and elements that accepted dialogue as a means for resolution of challenges facing the county. 

The communique said president Bashir also briefed his brother Conte on the efforts exerted by the Sudan to help defuse the crisis in some neighboring countries including in South Sudan and in Libya and the central African republic, Somalia and Congo, referring to the improvement of the Sudanese relations with the international community, including the united states of America which has partially lifted sanctions against the Sudan

The president also referred the varied resources in the Sudan and the opportunities available for investors in the country after the lifting of the economic sanctions after which Sudan take off for provision of food to both the Arab and the African worlds.

President Conte on his part has expressed appreciation for the invitation he received from president Bashir and to the reception accorded to him pointing out to the historical relations between the Sudan and West Africa in general and Guinea in particular.

He pointed out to the role Sudan also played in provision of education opportunities to the Guinean in particular and African in general a matter which contribute in the development of these peoples.

President Conte commended the experience of GIAD industries and other companies including the pharmace4utcial, oil refinery and mining industries in the Sudan

He also commended the positive role played by the Sudan in resolution of conflicts in the region, in combatting human trafficking and illegal migration beside Sudan's hosting of refugees from neighboring countries

The two sides, the communique said, have also discussed the security threat in the Sahel and Sahara area and reaffirmed their full cooperation in combating the terrorism, namely Boko Haram and ISIS and some Darfur movements that have resorted to being mercenaries in some countries of the region.

The communique said president Conte has promised as chair of the African Union to work for fully lifting the sanctions imposed on the Sudan and to also work for writing off debts and that he would hold to the African stands towards the International Criminal Court.

It said views were identical during the discussions between the two sides on the need to make the African union be responsible for its decision and to face the challenges confronting the African continent and to unite the stands of the African continent on international issues such as the reform of the UN bodies d on issues of climatic changes and other issues of mutual concern

The two sides, the communiques said, have also agreed to coordinate their stands in the international arenas and to support each other in a way that would serve the interests of the peoples of the two countries.


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