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Spotlight: Sudanese-German Relations

Neimat Al Naiem Fadl El Mula

Sudan has distinctive relations and economic ties with Germany. The third Sudanese –German economic forum which will kick off today is considered one of the indicators of the developed continuous deep-rooted relations between Sudan and Germany in many aspects of life. The two-day forum taking place at Palace – Hotel Berlin is organized by the Arab-German Trade and Industry Chamber in collaboration with Sudan Ministry of Investment.

The relation between the two countries Includes high diplomatic representation through German Embassy in Khartoum, and Sudan Embassy in Berlin.

There is also German academic existence through the German language institute - University of Khartoum, as one of the foreign languages besides French and Russian, and Chinese.  In this Institute tens of Sudanese students have studied the German language.    


Sudanese-German Association at  the  Council  of  Popular  International  Friendship (CIPF)  ,  is considered one of the active Associations in the CIPF .

Goethe institute is prominent German  cultural  academic center for teaching German language  in Sudan has been working  for more than 25 years besides its organizing several different cultural and academic activities, seminars, workshops and symposiums .

Sudanese people in general are so admired with the football sport, locally, regionally and globally.  During the World Cup most of Sudanese youths support the German teams against any other team for the excellence of German in the field of football and that represents a kind of popular diplomacy which plays vital role in strengthening relations between nations.

Germany has its distinguished situations among the heavy and light industry particularly Mercedes Benz vehicles which is one of the prominent and well-known automobiles, motors and cars used by Sudanese since early last century.  In addition to the automobile oils, and spare parts.  

Germany has great interest with the Sudanese culture, music, heritage, archeology, tourism where many musical bands have visited different tourist attractions particularly the Bijrawiya Pyramids in the River Nile State, as part of musical events of tourist festivals adopted Sudan different states in Sudan.

Such economic and cultural activities will play vital role in strengthening the relations between the countries world wide. The third Sudanese –German economic forum which will take place on 1-2nd December in Berlin is a suitable and a good opportunity to attract more investments to Sudanese in different fields for the rich and renewable potentials in Sudan. This forum will open new horizons with German to increase its investments in Sudan as one of the Developed European country.

The Huge economic companies, distinctive business men representatives of governmental and private, economic sector with its different Unions and associations who participate in this forum should work hard to create new opportunities for investment. 

The relations between the two countries will be supported by efforts exerted by both two sides at the official , diplomatic, economic , educational , cultural levels , in addition the role popular diplomacy including sports, arts, and those who live in Germany reflecting a positive image about their homeland .

(Sudan Vision)


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