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Russian Diplomatic Academy Hosts Sudan Political Forum

A political forum took place at the Russian Diplomatic Academy in Moscow on Tuesday as part of the week-long event to commemorate 60 years of diplomatic ties between Sudan and Russia, ‘Sudanese Arts and Culture Exhibition and Forum.’

It was attended by ministers, diplomats, students, researchers and academics from both Sudan and Russia and a number of Arab and African ambassadors based in Moscow.

Participants highlighted the development and progress of Sudan-Russia relations, and emphasized areas of cooperation and the possibility of opening new windows of collaboration.


The forum opened in an unusual but interesting manner. A Sudanese folklore dance group offered a rich contrast to the long quiet hallways and the seriousness of the academy with its colorful costumes, loud beats as the dance group literally rocked the academy. Russians also joined in the dancing as they tapped their feet to the beats of Sudan acknowledging the role of soft diplomacy.

“The academy is playing a very important role in supporting diplomatic relations between the two countries and is supporting the embassy with training programs and workshops,” Sudanese ambassador Nadir Yousif Al Tayeb said.

Kamal Ismail State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan also attending the forum stressed the importance of cultural relations as a basis for strong bilateral ties highlighting the richness of the Sudanese and Russian cultures. Commenting on bilateral ties Ismail said, “For the past 60 years we have maintained a very strong and powerful relationship with Russia. We have had some turbulences but the relation has been maintained and now it will only get stronger,” he said.

“Our relations with Russia must be further improved.”Last time I came here, we had discussed the possibility of students coming to train at the academy,” Ismail added. “I am happy to say they have already come and are now trained and efforts are underway to continue. Our relations on strong and will only get stronger,” he stressed.

Among the Sudanese delegation attending the event was a group from the Sudanese parliament. “During the past 60 years, there have been difficulties and challenges in relations but after this things will improve,” Mohammad Mustafa Al Daw Head of the Foreign Relations committee at parliament. “We hope and work towards having strong strategic ties with Russia. Ties that consider the geophysical changes, and the changes in the middle east, and ties that consider the role of resource rich Sudan and its place as part of the Arab and Islamic world.”

Sudanese ambassador Nadir Yousif in his opening remarks spoke very highly of diplomatic ties between the two countries calling for stronger ties between the Sudanese and Russian people,”The relations between Sudan are very good and are rapidly improving.”

Evgeny P. Bazhanoy from the academy in his opening remarks said, “Sudan is a great country, a country with an ancient history. It has 6000 years of culture.” He said he meets Sudanese students and diplomats on a regular basis. “I am amazed by their level of intelligence, their knowledge and their goodwill. It’s a great pleasure for our academy to deal with students from Sudan.”

Speaking to the SMC, on the sidelines of the forum, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MENA Director Maxim Maximov spoke about Sudan and the importance of its role in regional affairs highlighting that Russia supports Sudan in its struggle with dealing with illegal migration.

“We have carried out consultations with our Sudanese friends at the international and regional organizations and there is intense discussions and coordination and intensively discussed these issues, Maximov said.

Highlighting Sudan’s role as a regional power, he said, “For Sudan it is very important to find a political solution in Libya and there must be cooperation between the Sudanese government and the legitimate government in Libya.

We know there are political divisions in Libya where there is a presidential council that is internationally recognized. In Tubreg East Libya there is also a parliament under the leadership of Aqeela Salih that is also internationally recognized. The efforts of the Sudanese government must be supported to into a political solution in Libya and to bring an end to internal conflict in Libya.

“Russia supports any measures to combat illegal migration through Libya. Sudan’s role is very important. We assist the Sudanese government in this regard,” he stressed.

The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is an educational and research institution located in southern Moscow. It is ranked by the Ministry of Education of Russia as the country’s third-best university after Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg University. The institution was founded in 1960 as the Peoples’ Friendship University. Its stated objective during the height of the Cold War was to help developing nations, mainly in Asia, Africa and South America, by providing higher education and professional training.



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