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Sheikh Isam Bashir calls on the Arab league to adopt the definition of terrorism as put by the International Islamic Figh Authority

The Chairman of the International Islamic Figh Authority, Dr Isam Ahmed Bashir, has called on the Arab League to adopt the definition of terrorism as put by Authority that delineates terrorism as any aggression practiced by groups or individual or states against Man and Man's honour, self, religion or properties, including threat, terrifying, staging war, banditry and exposing the lives of people to danger, harming environment tor national resources, be this individually or collectively.

In his address before the opening session of the Arab Forum on Terrorism Phenomenon and How the Media Would Face Terrorism, organized by the Arab League in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, in Khartoum, Dr Bashir said that the world over has not provided a clear cut definition for the term terrorism which remains a vague concept that each people explain according to their own agenda.


He added that the real terrorism is the one that is being practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people and it is what is perpetrated by excessive groups in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Isaam said it was imperative to have a deeper look into the reasons behind terrorism and extremism. He cited religious, political, social, and media factors as being behind terrorism and fundamentalism.

He explained that the religious element seeks to target the nation in its beliefs, its invariables and its sacred doctrines thus posing a threat to the community.

He added that the reasons behind terrorism include the misinterpretation of the Islamic jurisprudence concepts and deviation, referring to the need to adopt the medium path in interpreting religious principles.

He said the political reasons are represented in humiliation, injustice, tyranny and the absence of social justice and the lack of equitable distribution of resources among peoples and nations, as well as the siding by the world with some countries in a way that does not observe achieving international peace and justice and the world has become aligned with some specific countries.

Dr Isaam pointed out to145 resolutions adopted by the United Nations condemning the Zionist entity's aggressions on Muslims in Palestine, but none of them was implemented, saying the international media have succeeded in affiliating individual practices to Islam while practices by other actions are affiliated to individuals when committed by non-muslims, calling on the Arab league to issue an international regulations that incriminate abuses to symbols and to Islam, calling on the grown up religious leaders to come closer to the youth and try to understand the challenges the youth face and work to correct wrong misconceptions.

Dr Isaam called on the youth to draw their knowledge of the Islamic jurisdictions from the Sheikhs and Ulema, urging government to achieve justice and fairness and to spread freedoms while for the media he said it should work to install the religious awareness and to disseminate moderate stands so as to preserve the mainstays of the Islamic nation.



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