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Dr. Algdail Alneel Algdail Arbab

Academic Qualifications:

•    PhD in Applied Sociology (Plan and Strategy of Development in Sudan, South Kordofan Model) - Alneelain University - Faculty of Economic and Social Studies in the May 10, 2008.
•    Master of Society Development (Use of Middleware Technology in the Development of Local Societies) - Alneelain University - Faculty of Economic and Social Studies in March 2005 .
•    Bachelor of Applied Sociology - Omdurman Islamic University - Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences - April 1994.
Training Qualifications :
•    Basic session in Systems and Methods of University Teaching at Advanced Training Center and Development of Performance, University of Khartoum, 2008 - 2012 - 2013.
•    Session in Methodologies of Humanities Researches, 2011, Khartoum.
•    Session of Challenges of Advanced Scientific Research in the course of the Twentieth Century, Khartoum Training Center.
•    Session of Time Management, August 2008
•    Session of Development of Management Skills, course in the Middle Leaders in November 2002.
•    English Course for Special Business, Khartoum 2001- 2003.


Scientific Research Papers :

•     Paper of Tribal Conflict in the Sudan and its Impact on the Social Structure, Type of Darfur, 2013.
•    The Social Role of Small Businesses in South Kordofan.
•    The Role of Zakat in Combat Poverty in Sudan, Applied study.
•    Role of People Participation in Society Development, type of Nuba Mountains .
•    Vision of Peaceful Coexistence in Conflict Areas.
•    Study titled with Military Rule in Africa and the Implications of it.
•    Analytical study of social survey to the markets of South Kordofan region.
•    Translation and analysis of the book of Role of the Foreign Organizations in Sudan.

Foreign Participations:

•    African Union Conference of Displaced People in Uganda.
•    African Union Conference for Migration, Development and Peace, Addis Ababa (Civil Society Organizations, CSO).
•    Arab League Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (CSO).
•    Attend the International Forum for Migration and Population and Development, held in the Philippines, Geneva, and Madagascar (CSO) - Mexico.
•    Attend the International Forum on Migration and Development (Malaysia - Geneva - Austria – Portuguese - Madagascar - Holland and Brazil).
•    Social researcher and adviser to Center of Sudan Studies of Migration and Development and Population affiliated to the Council of Ministers in Khartoum.
•    National Security and Intelligence, 1993-1994.
•    Worked at states of South, South Darfur – Information Department,  Directorate of International Analysis and Evaluation, Department of Files ofOrganizations.
•    General Coordinator of the President of the Southern States Coordination Council .
•    United Nations organizations File.
•    African Union File.
•    Arab League and Islamic Organizations file.
•    European Union organizations file.
•    Attended a number of courses in the security, intelligence and analysis of information inside and outside Sudan in (Russia - Pakistan - Turkey - Egypt – Morocco).
Current Position:

•    Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences - University of Benghazi –Department of Behavioral Sciences, Division of Sociology.
•    e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
•    Phone Numbers: 012357780 - 0912394025
•    Adviser of Government of State of South Kordofan - Khartoum office.


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