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Ambassador Dr. Ibrahim Al-Bashir Othman Al-Kabbashi

Name: Ibrahim Al-Bashir Othman Al-Kabbashi

Date of birth: 1953

Permanent residence:  Al-kabbashi, State of Khartoum, Sudan.

•    Primary school: Hamrat Al-Sheik
•    Intermediate School: Al-Obeid
•    Secondary: Hantoub
•    Undergraduate: (B.A) Omdurman Islamic University


Graduate Degrees:
•    M.A., International relations, Ohio University, Athens, Oh. U.S.A. (1980)
•    Ph.D., International Relations, University of California, Riverside, CA., U.S.A (1984)

Languages: Arabic, English and some French.

•    2005- Present: Private business

•    July 1999 – June 2004: Ambassador of Sudan to Russian Federation, Ambassador of Sudan to Ukraine, Ambassador of Sudan to Belarus.

•    April/1996- December/1998: Elected member of the Sudan parliament representing the diplomatic sectors constituency. Ex-officio, member of the parliamentarian foreign relations committee. With fellow members of the parliament, formulated various legislations including the Sudan diplomatic Act, investments act and participated in drafting and verifying the Sudan’s permanent constitution, as well as several other parliamentary commissions in the fiels of foreign policy, economic policy, social development and poverty elevation policy.

•    July / 1996: Promoted to group two ambassadorial ship.

•     July / 1993- July / 1995: Sudan CONSOL general to Saudi Arabia, (Ambassadorial Level), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

•    November / 1992: Promoted to the rank of Ambassador.

•    May/ 1992- March/1993: Charge affairs of the Sudan to Malaysia (Resident Representation).

•    December/1991- May/1992: Joined the diplomatic service, Minister plenipotentiary. Deputy Director, Department of the international economic and technical co-operation, Ministry of external relations. The mentioned administration encompasses the economic department, international organizations and cultural co-operation. The assignment included planning coordination and execution of Sudan’s foreign relations in the fore mentioned fields.

•    November/1990- March/1992: Member of the board of directors of the Sudan development cooperation (SDC). With its paid-up capital of 200 MUS$, SDC is the solely designated semi-governmental corporation to finance, boost and foster the industrial development in the country.

•    November/1990- October/1991: General managing director of the Sudan investments authority.

•    In addition to the standard directorial duties, supervised the viabilities of the technical and economic feasibility studies pertaining to the various investment’s projects.
By ex-offecio member of the board of directors of Sudan investment authority.

•    August/1990- October/1990: In accord with a presidential decree, member of the six-person committee designated to specify and make out the Sudan’s provinces to suit the expedient structure of the newly espoused federalism.

•    September/1986-July/1990: As a professor at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the same field of specialization.

•    March/1984-September/1986: International relations, head department of political science, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan.

•    January/1981-March/1984: Graduate studies, Ph.D. program (international relations and international economics).
PhD. Awarded 1984, University of California, Riverside California, U.S.A.
March/1979-November/1980: Graduate studies M.A. programe, international relations, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, U.S.A. Also T.A in international studies, same university, M.A awarded 1980.

•    February/1978-March/1979: T.A Faculty of economics and social studies, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan.

•    August/1977-January/1978: Assistant inspector, Department of administrative reform. Ministry of civil service, Sudan.

Research and scientific work:


(1)    Federalism: Workable proposal for Sudan permanent settlement (Dar Najd, Riyadh, 1986) (in Arabic).

(2)    Contemporary international relations:
Theoretical foundations, reality of practice and futtural prospects (Dar Al-Uloom, Beirut, 1990)(in Arabic).

(3)    Fraternity in discord; the contending interplay of religion and nationalism in the 20th century middle east.


(1)    The crisis of Southern Sudan and the Horn of Africa, Cairo 1984. (Arabic).

(2)    Ideology in the methodology of social sciences, presented to the academic conference on the methodology of behavioral sciences, University of Khartoum, 1986 (Arabic).

(3)    Trends in the American Aid to Africa, 1980. (English).

(4)    Trends in the Soviets Aid to Africa, 1980. (English).

(5)    Islamic prespectives on the question of nationalism and national integration (PhD. dissertation) (English).

(6)    The small scale projects: A compatible instrument for sustainable industrial development, 1996 (Arabic).

(7)    Diplomatic training in a remveld world: the profession and the framework of Ation, presented to te Arab league joint conference on diplomatic training, Khartoum, 1998.

(8)    A number of summit ministerial and diplomatic conferences and seminars (economic and political) pertaining to a wide range of miscellaneous issues.


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