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Dr. Tagaldin Abdalla Mohamed Elsanosy

History and background:

Born in 1957 in Karima city – Sudan
Married with 5 children
Address: House #36, sq. burri lamab, Khartoum – Sudan
Mobile: 00249912147097
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1-    B.A in philosophy and Arabic language from university of Khartoum, Sudan.
2-    B.A (Honor) first class in Geography from Juba University.
3-    Higher Diploma (post-graduate) in communication – Khartoum University.
4-    M. A in journalism and political science – Southern Illinois University, IL., USA.
5-    PhD in Human Geography (Political Geography) – International University of Africa – Sudan.


1-    Working with a High Secondary School in Khartoum – Sudan as teacher of English language, 1979-1981.
2-    Working with Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA) in Sudan – Khartoum, 1981-1994 as follows:
a.    Administration and Public Relations Officer, 1981-1983 H.Q. Sudan.
b.    Communication and Fundraising Co=rdinator, 1983-1987. Illinois, USA.
c.    Director of information, Research and Publicity, 1987-1989 H.Q. Sudan.
d.    Director of Emergencies and Refugees and Displaced Affairs, 1989-1990- H.Q. Sudan.
e.    IARA East Africa Regional Director of Kenya Office, 1990-1994 Nairobi- Kenya.
3-    Working with Petroleum Products Company – Khartoum – Sudan as a commercial and administrative director 1995-1996.
4-    Staff of international university of Africa as a lecturer, 1997-1999, Khartoum – Sudan. During this time O worked as deputy dean and director of academic affairs and then as dean of disaster management and refugees  studies institute (DIMARSI).
5-    Staff of Juba University, 1999-2010- Khartoum- Sudan as follows:
a.    Director (Dean) of external relations, April. 1999-Oct.1999.
b.    Director (Dean) of distance education center, Oct. 1999- Dec. 2005.
c.    Deputy director and then director (Dean) of information and external relations, Jan. 2006- Jan. 2010.
d.    Member of deans board, 1999-2005 and then 2008-2010.
e.    Member of teaching staff board (Senate), April, 1999-Jan. 2010.
f.    Member and secretary of distance education center board.
g.    Director General of Islamic relief agency in Khartoum – Sudan, Feb 2010- May 2013.
h.    Staff of the center of peace and development studies at Bahri University (formerly Juba University)- June – Aug. 2013.
i.    Currently, staff of international University of Africa (Assistance Profesoor)- Head Department of voluntary word, peace and human rights studies Sep 2013- up to now.


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Address: St. #3, Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan


Telephone: +249-183-269739

Fax: +249-183-269728