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Dr. Omer Abdelaziz Ali Mohamed

Name: Omer Abdelaziz Ali Mohamed
E: mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Phone: (+249915411416)

Date of Birth: 1961 Sudan
Social Status: Married
Nationality: Sudanese.

(Ph. D)  In political science, University of Juba, Sudan 2009,
(Small Arms Control in Sudan: A New Approach)

Masters of Human Sciences in political science, International Islamic University Malaysia, 1999.
 (Cooperation in Islamic   International Relation: A Conceptual Framework).

Bachelor of Human Sciences in political science, International Islamic University Malaysia   1996.

Languages Skills:
Arabic Language; is the mother language.
English Language; is the language of study and teaching.
Malay Language; was the language of daily communication in Malaysia for seven years.

Working Experience:
❖    Dean College of Social and Economic Studies, University of  Bahri August 1st 2011- September 14th 2014.
❖    Head of Department of political science, University   of   Juba 2009 -2011.
❖    Deputy Dean of   college of social and economic studies, University   of   Juba, March2003- March 2005.
❖    Part-time  professor with The High Academy of Strategic and Security Studies and Military High Academy Khartoum.

Training Courses:
DDR Basic course, Nairobi  October 2004.
Mine Action Senior Managers’ Course, May 2nd - June 16th. 2006, Virginia USA.

Consultancy Activities:

❖    Secretary General, Sudanese Political Science Association May 2012- 2014.
❖    Technical   Consultant of   Northern Sudan   DDR   Commission   2004-2009.
❖    National   Consultant of   the National   Mine   Action   Centre 2006.
❖    SSR Practitioners   workshop, October 2007, Birmingham UK.
❖    DDR   African Experts Meeting, Cape Town October 2008.
❖    SALW   Control Civil Society Forum Dar as Salam,  Tanzania, October 2009.
❖    Team Leader of  SALW  Basement Information Survey Sudan 2009.
❖    Consultant of ( RECSA-ISS) for country report on SALW in Sudan 2009.
❖    Best Practice Guide Lines of SALW Control workshop, Mombasa, June 2010.
❖    Training Consultant, EASF, Nairobi 2009-2012, teaches SSR,
DDR, SALW control and Disaster Management.
❖    Facilitator of EASF DDR course Khartoum October 2010.
❖    Lead facilitator EASF Disaster Management course Comoros May 2011.
❖    Moderator of training standards of   EASFCOM,  Niavasha,   Kenya  January 2012.
❖    Facilitator of  of EASF SSR training course, Seychelles, October,2012.
❖    Representative of Sudan government Conference of Control of Mass Destruction Weapons, Cairo May 2012.
❖    Regional Conference on small arms control Khartoum March 2012.
❖    Writing Board of Media and Public Information Course Khartoum September 2012.
❖    Lead Facilitator of Media and Public Information Course Khartoum October 2012.
❖    Writing Board of Political Affairs course, Rwanda February 2013.
❖    Facilitator of Political Affairs course, Rwanda March 2013.
❖    Facilitator of  ( IGAD Security Sector Program) ISSP Anti-Terrorism Legislations validation meeting, Djibouti, October 2012.
❖    Facilitator ISSP  Regional Research Center Establishment Meeting, Khartoum, November, 2012.
❖    Participated in many academic conferences and published many papers. 

Secretary general of The Sudanese Political Science Association 2012-2016.


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Address: St. #3, Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan


Telephone: +249-183-269739

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