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American presence in the Middle East..

The Center for International Relations in Khartoum held a seminar on the US presence in the East on 10 July 2018 The Center for International Relations in Khartoum held a seminar on the American presence in the Middle East and its impact on the region as a whole.

The newspaper reviewed the US presence in the Gulf region and the development of American interests in the region and support the alliance with the regimes in terms of protection and exchange of interests across axes (economy and security) until it became a permanent force in the region. The Middle East contributed to the debate a number of experts, researchers and interested. The United States is working to develop its interests in the Middle East, especially the Gulf region, by taking advantage of oil resources and supporting its alliance with the regimes in the region in terms of protection and common interests. Economy and security have become permanent forces in the Gulf region. So that it has full priority in this region, and should focus on the Middle East to search for American leaders to divert attention from America's internal problems.


The main goal of the US presence in the Middle East is to protect Israel, especially during President Trump's era, which adopted a formula of deals that fulfill America's motto first by taking advantage of the Arab world's divide and using Arab integration in the Turkish country and the sectarian dimension (Sunni - Shiite) and linking all of this to the Arab - Israeli conflict and maintain the thesis of the Horn of Africa deal, as well as the impact of the US presence in the Gulf region in Sudan in terms of security and politics as well as its impact on events in Yemen and Syria. Medor also predicted relations between the United States and China.

The United States has a real presence in the Gulf region aimed at securing Israel and for the purpose of expanding oil. In fact, I have succeeded with regard to Israel. In the past, all decisions on the Middle East have been taken in Washington and implemented in Israel. The opposite is true, because decisions are issued in Israel and implemented by Washington. The evidence for this is known as the "Century Deal". America is working to contain Iran by imposing sanctions and trying to withdraw from the nuclear deal, but Iran has shown resistance to the American challenge and the transition to China and Russia. The American challenge has been able to show the division that has emerged between the American camp in terms of developments in the State of Iran.

Iran has succeeded in settling the military industries completely and has also adopted Shiite ideology, which has expanded its polarization in the Arab region (Kuwait - Bahrain - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Lebanon), a form of strengthening Iran.

Another concern regarding the Yemeni issue is that the difference in the situation in Yemen affects the Sudan and the income of any country in Yemen has emerged victorious and there is no great chance in the process of resolving the battle in Yemen and there is no actual Saudi forces on the ground in Yemen and there are more than 100 international companies with armies Ready to work all over the world and that the phenomenon of mercenaries was emerging again, especially in the Sudanese neighborhood. He said Sudan had positive attitudes during the Gulf wars, but the US presence continued to affect the relationship with the Gulf states. 


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