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Zbigniew Brzezinski: Strategic Vision, America and the Crisis of Global Power

(Basic Books, New York, 2012)

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski:  Strategic Vision, America and the Crisis ofGlobal Power: (Basic Books, New York, 2012)
  • Zbigniew Bronescy who was born in Poland in 1928, is an American pole (Polish), descended from an active diplomatic family, grown up amongst the chaos of the European policy in the 30thand 40thof the last century.
  • Member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
  • He shared in issuance of the Convention of SALT II (however, he criticized Henry Kissinger in Nixon administration with respect to Detente policy in 1972.
  • He was the architect and a participant in Camp David talks in 1979, which concluded Camp David agreement between Egypt and Israel.
  • Participant - with others in Carter administration in Panama Canal agreement to be delivered after 1999.
  • Board member of President Bush's father intelligence service.
  • He criticized the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
  • The content of Bronescy’s thesis is based on the rational results of the current indicators; the rules upon which the methodology underlying, which always founded on the rule of If… then.


Bronescy believes that America and the West adopt the wrong sliding approach whereas, China, since 30 years has, highly jumped over. The reasons are:
1.    The common global rise.
2.    National Asian motivation.
3.    Depending on its leader Deng Xiaoping’s principles, China focuses on working, not on leading the world, as US do.
4.    During 30 years, China realized all the renaissance conditions:
A) Technology.
B)    Energy.
C)    Infrastructure & human resources.
D)    Political and constitutional stability. Therefore;

  • China trade rose up to 300 times during the period; 1983-2013 (30).
  • Domestic production rose to 95 times during the same period.
  • Military cost rose to 42 times.

The factors of these positive indicators are:
1.    Geographical factor.
2.    Industry.
3.    Natural resources.
4.    Military aptitude.
5.    Population’s national adherence.
6.    Type of administration and governance.
7.    National moral context.
8.    The active diplomacy committed to China's political active diplomacy (to determine the priorities of the Interim Movement: Biosphere (South China Sea), is to follow the wider the circle and then the broader and so on.
• There is a legacy and heritage of the civilized form of inspiration platform for Chinese Mixing between (Marxist and Chinese nationalism).
• The most important factors that threaten American power:
1. The growing public debt, which reached 60% of GDP.
2. US weak monetary system.
3. The widening social gap and its related serious accessories world-wide.
4. Decaying of infrastructure: roads, railways, airports.
5. American ignorance world-wide, as well as the ignorance of the political elites.
6. The political system is based on the influence of lobbies (lobbyists).
Dr. Kabashi notes that the book does mention neither the Middle East nor Latin America nor Africa, in his conception of the structure of international relations in the next three decades.


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