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Economic Sudanese-American Relations, Challenges & Opportunities


The session discussed three dimensions upon which base the relations between Sudan and United States of America. For the commercial dimension, some ideas are exposed to build commercial relations between the two countries. The other two dimensions are Humanitarian aid and loans or American debts, concentrating on Paris Club.

Some questions are raised: Why USA gave Sudan all these loans and aids? Why United States of America does need Sudan?  How could Humanitarian aid Programs play a huge role in improving these relations? How to benefit from other models (Japan)?
Concerning investment, United States of America has no real investment projects in Sudan, since Shifron has stopped its work.
other speakers talked about the role of WTO in facilitating export and international trade, American lobbies, foreign debts, the necessity to solve internal problems, American-Chinese conflicts on investment interests in Sudan and how oil investment play a positive role in improving Sudanese American relations?
• Despite the boycott imposed on Sudan and the ban by the United States we must patiently encourage the normalization of the relationship with the largest world's economy.
• The economy is one of the dimensions that can give new hope in the issue of US blockade, after lifting the ban on informatics and gum Arabic.
• Studying United States foreign experiences exercised in boycotting and waging war against some states and then resuming and normalizing its relations with them.
• Specialization in the management of international relations has to be respected.
• The history of Sudan’s relations with America proves that they depend on the national economic interests.
• The US oil investments in Sudan, were more than one billion dollars, but suddenly suspended for ideological reasons.
• America is seeking to return to invest in Sudan, using different kinds of pressures.
• US-Sudan relations to be subjected for serious scientific research carried out by specialized and professional competencies in international relations.
• We must provide the necessary incentives to pay the largest economy in the world to resume its investment activity in Sudan's oil.


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