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Development of gum arabic sector in Sudan

The Global Relations Centre ( GRC) held on 14/10/2015 its weekly forum; (How to develop Gum Arabic sector in Sudan).
Dr. Nibras Hasan presented the fifth Strategic Plan of developing Gum Arabic sector in Sudan.

Gum Arabic sector in Sudan is affected by unstable funding and week potentials,  the local product has thus, also been affected, its benefit is estimated at 30%, whereas the benefit of traders and brokers is 70%. Noting that  Gum Arabic monopoly intensified outside Sudan.
One of the most interested states dealing with Gum Arabic, is Malaysia it organized an international conference about  Gum Arabic which is used there (Talha) in chocolate fabrication. Gum Arabic is affected also by desertification and other problems  emerging from natural factors. Some organizations concentrate their efforts in solving these problems, by controlling all processes of production,distribution,sales and purchasing of national production. All institutions dealing with Gum Arabic sector must be unified to avoid data amalgam.
Nowadays, the Gum Arabic local consumption amounted to 12 thousands tones. Gum Arabic is a natural gift which has no alternatives like other commodities, so we must seek the strategic dimension to elaborate a mechanism to solve all challenges confronting Gum Arabic production.


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