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Evolution of the Sudanese- American Relations

The Global Relations Centre has organized its periodic symposium, entitled this time as: "the Evolution of the Sudanese- American Relations" on the 14th February 2018.  The symposium was presented by the Ambassador Dr. Suleiman Mustafa who thanked the GRC for its efforts in dealing with this crucial and important issue, saying that Sudan has seriously affected by the economic sanctions during the last three decades.


The visit of the Korean-African Center delegation to GRC


In the context of the Global Relations Center's strategy of reinforcing its foreign relations, it has received, on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, in coordination with the Council of Ministers, a delegation from the Korean-African Center, headed by Il Soo Kim, the Executive Director of the Center, accompanied by three of his assistants. They were welcomed by the Director in charge of the GRC, Mr. Alamin A. Ibrahim. The program included a full review of all the activities carried out at the Center, its objectives, protocols and MOUs signed with some international think tanks, in addition to the protocols under study.


Book Review: Red Alert

Global Relations Centre (GRC) has organized its weekly forum under the title of “Book Review i.e. Red Alert” by American writer Stephen Leeb, presented by Prof. Mahmoud Hassan Ahmed. This session chaired by Dr. Adil Hassan and has been attended by some experts and specialists.


The National Dialogue on the way of peace realization

The carter Center organized a workshop on December 7, 2016 in Alsalam Rotana on durable peace in Sudan.

GRC has actively participated in this event. The opening session was attended by his Excellency Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud, Assistant of the president.

Exchange experience on national dialogue and peace process have been highlighted by some international experts and from Sudan as well.


The role of Sudan in combating international terrorism

GRC organized a workshop on “The role of Sudan in combating international terrorism” on Tuesday; December 6, 2016 that was participated by some American figures among them some former congressmen and strategic experts.

The workshop discussed Sudanese experiment in dealing with terrorists and extremists through adoption of non-military and security measures.


The anticipated Trends of the US Foreign Policy during Donald Tramp`s Administration


The Global Relations Centre (GRC) held on 21 November 2016, its periodic symposium on: (The anticipated Trends of the US Foreign Policy during Donald Tramp`s Administration), presented by Dr. Essam Abdul Shafi, Vice Chairman of Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies.
Dr. Adil Hassan GM of the (GRC) presented Dr. Essam Abdul Shafi saying that the later carried many studies related to the issues of US policies in general and particularly in the Middle East.


The state of the Sudanese-American relations & their prospects development

In collaboration with the National Center for Media Production and under the auspices of the Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman , the  Global Relations Centre (GRC) held on 25 October 2016, at al-Shaheed Al-Zubair Hall, the conference of ‘ the state of the Sudanese-American relations &  their prospects development’ , under the motto "Towards better Sudanese-American relations."
The opening session of the conference was addressed by the Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, who welcomed the American delegation, participants and the attendees, praising the role of the organizers and pointed the importance of the national studies centers and their growing role in confronting major challenges and issues that support the decision-makers basing on the findings of the experts, scientists and specialists.


The General Director of (GRC) visit ACFRPS

The general director of Global Relations Centre (GRC) held a meeting on Thursday 22, September 2016 with Dr. Mohamed Almisfer the Qatari political thinker in Doha. The meeting discussed the political and economical development situations in Sudan. The discussion also covered the method of the cooperation between the Global Relations Centre (GRC) and the Arabic Centre for Researches and Politics Studies.

GRC communications with foreign counterpart centers “The Carter Center”

The GRC received this week one of the great figures from The Carter Center. Dr. John Goodman, the associated director of Carter (Conflict resolution program). He has visited the Global Relations Centre (GRC) on Monday 24 July 2016, with the aim to meet the director of the GRC. The meeting held including the director General of (GRC) Dr. Adil Hassan and the deputy director Mr. Hamid Ahmed and Dr. John Goodman from The Carter Center. The visit came in the consequent of GRC initiative to open relations with foreign counterpart centers with the aim of communications and cooperation in the issues of mutual interests.

At the beginning of the meeting, held in the office of the director of (GRC), Dr. Adil Hassan welcomed Dr. John and introduced Mr. Hamid the deputy director of GRC and thanked Dr. John for visiting GRC. He briefed Dr. John about the GRC center, its objectives, role and scope of work. He pointed out the major activities of GRC, focusing on Sudan foreign relations. Subsequently the center has been endeavoring simultaneously to strengthen Sudan foreign relations, in particularly, with United States. Mr. Hamid added that The Carter Center has been maintaining a strong relations with Sudan that had played – before the separation of the south – a role of peace mediation between the government of Sudan and SPLM (led by John Garang at that time) since 1989, when OLS program started in South Sudan, in addition to health programs.


Political and ‘Dawi’ between the idea and the practice


The Global Relations Centre (GRC) in collaboration with Intellectual works’ corporation has organized its periodical forum on Thursday 2/6/2016 at the premises of the GRC center in Khartoum. The forum held under the title “Political and ‘dawi’ between the idea and the practice”, according to the reviews of the Tunisian Renaissance movement party has introduced in connection with the idea and political practices. Dr. Amin Hassan Omer has delivered a lecture on the topic. He explained that the Muslim brotherhood in the renaissance party have not left their Islamic reference, although they declared clearly (we want a transition to a civil party) and engaged in a political life, the reference of our party is democracy.

This explicit declaration considered by some of them as an arbitrarily separation between religion and state, but Dr. Amin refused this opinion, he raised a question “What is the content of the politics originally if there is no idea behind it?” on the other hand Dr. Amin gave a justification saying that “Idea or Thought is not open by nature and able to compromise with opposition and supporters, and those who are contrasted and who agree with, can not develop”.  


Available opportunities for promoting Sudanese American relations within the current changes

The Global Relations Center (GRC) has organized its weekly periodical forum on Tuesday 3/5/2016 at the premises of the center in Khartoum, under the title “Available opportunities for promoting Sudanese American relations within the current changes”.

The above mentioned paper presented by Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla (American Global Institute) director of The Humpty Dumpty Institute.

The session attended by experts and academic scholars some are professors in the universities some are ambassadors and research workers.  

Dr. Adil Hassan the director of (GRC) opened the session, he welcomed Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla and the presents. He pointed out the importance of the topic and emphasized on the significance of the strengthening and the development of the relations between Sudan and United States for the mutual interest for the two countries and regional and international interests as well. Then welcomed warmly Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla and introduced him to the presents through his C.V. which is very rich.


The importance of the international partnership on the environmental issues on approach to develop the Sudan foreign relations

The Global Relations Center (GRC) has organized its periodical forum on Monday 11\4\2016 at the premises of the center in Khartoum, the forum held under the title “The importance of the international partnership on the environmental issues on approach to develop the Sudan foreign relations”.

The topic presented by H.E minister of the Ministry of Environment, Physical Development and Natural Resources, and constructive development, Dr. Hassan AbdElgadir Hilal.


US & Western boycott: Negative effects on the overall economic situation in Sudan

The Global Relations Center has organized on Tuesday, 08/03/2016, its periodic forum presented by Professor Al Kindi Yusuf Mohamed Osman. Mr. Al Kindi talked about (US & Western boycott: Negative effects on the overall economic situation in the Sudan).
Mr. Al Kindi pointed that Sudan didn’t pay, previously any attention to the superpower states, despite the contributions made by the Sudanese army (Sudan Defense Force) at Karen in eastern Sudan during the World War as well as during the Mexican War. When Sudan gained its independence, it found that the United States has emerged as a superpower in the world and focused on Sudan which neighboring Egypt of Nasser, in addition to its important resources and River Nile.


Meeting of Reviewing the Impact of American Sanctions against Different Sudanese Sections & Categories Committee

The Global Relations Center has held on Sunday, on 28/02/2016 the meeting of reviewing the impact of American sanctions against different Sudanese sections & categories committee ; the meeting was attended by a group of interested researchers and representatives of various sectors and partner research centers. The meeting's agenda included a paper on sanctions presented by the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament.

Dr. Mohammad Mustafa al-Daw pointed out that those sanctions represent a political issue in the first place and there are substantive issues created to manage these questions focusing on the humanitarian impact of US sanctions on Sudan and to examine the various sanctions in comparison with international indicators for sustainable development in the Millennium Development Goals.


Sudanese-American relations and its future prospects

Global Relations Center (GRC) organized a one-day workshop under the theme (Sudanese-US relations and its future prospects), at Assalam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum on Sunday, February 7, 2016. The workshop has been organized in the presence of American delegation comprised of Christopher Shaz (a former Senator), Dr. Philip Giraldi and Dr. Douglas Bandow who is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties. He worked as special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and works as an editor of the political magazine Inquiry. The workshop was attended by more than 25 specialists, academicians and diplomats who specialized in the issue of Sudanese American relations.

In his paper (American-Sudanese Relations from an American perspective), Dr. Douglas Bando denounced the American sanctions on Sudan and pointed out the need to work on constructive engagement between the two countries. Sudanese perspective on the matter was presented by Dr. Hassan Haj Ali, while detailed and statistical data on the impact of US Economic Sanctions on Sectors and People in Sudan was presented by Dr. Osama Ahmed Idrous. A fruitful discussion took place during the sessions before concluding with recommendations to further advance American-Sudanese Relations.

The American delegations were also greeted with a busy program after the workshop. Lengthy meetings were conducted with several Sudanese officials and activists and visits to different areas in Sudan including North Darfur.

US elections of 2016 and its impact on the situation in Sudan

Chair: Dr Taj al-Din al-Sanusi
Paper: Ambassador Sadiq al-Faqih
Discussion: Ambassador Muawiya Osman Khalid

The Center for Global Relations (GRC) commenced its weekly forum on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at the headquarters of the center in a session titled American elections of 2016 and its impact on the situation in Sudan. chaired by Dr. Taj al-Din al-Sanusi the  session presented a paper by Ambassador Sadiq al-Faqih, Sudan's ambassador to Jordan, while Ambassador Muawiya Osman Khalid, Sudan's ambassador in the United States, officiated the discussion on the matter.  At the beginning of the Forum, Dr. Adel Hassan, director of the Center welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of paper under discussion.
Ambassador Sadiq al-Faqih gave a comprehensive review on American Presidential Electoral system. He showed that the Presidential election is an indirect election, with the winner being determined by votes cast by electors of the Electoral College. In modern times, voters in each state select a slate of electors from a list of several states designated by different parties or candidates, and the electors typically promise in advance to vote for the candidates of their party. The winner of the election is the candidate with at least 270 Electoral College votes. It is possible for a candidate to win the electoral vote, and lose the (nationwide) popular vote.


Zbigniew Brzezinski: Strategic Vision, America and the Crisis of Global Power

(Basic Books, New York, 2012)

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski:  Strategic Vision, America and the Crisis ofGlobal Power: (Basic Books, New York, 2012)
  • Zbigniew Bronescy who was born in Poland in 1928, is an American pole (Polish), descended from an active diplomatic family, grown up amongst the chaos of the European policy in the 30thand 40thof the last century.
  • Member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
  • He shared in issuance of the Convention of SALT II (however, he criticized Henry Kissinger in Nixon administration with respect to Detente policy in 1972.
  • He was the architect and a participant in Camp David talks in 1979, which concluded Camp David agreement between Egypt and Israel.
  • Participant - with others in Carter administration in Panama Canal agreement to be delivered after 1999.
  • Board member of President Bush's father intelligence service.
  • He criticized the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
  • The content of Bronescy’s thesis is based on the rational results of the current indicators; the rules upon which the methodology underlying, which always founded on the rule of If… then.


The Role of Private Sector in Sudanese Foreign Relations

The Global Relations Center has organized on 16 December 2015, its 7th session, “The Role of Private Sector in Sudanese Foreign Relations”-
The paper examines many points:
•    Darfur issue in the period after the 2005 Naivasha Agreement.
•    The formation of public opinion of the US and the West, by the Western media.
•    The complete blockage in the Sudanese-US relations and the disruption of communication at various levels (civil society, economic, scientific).
•    Apathy in the political relations between the two countries.
•    Unilateral US economic sanctions since 1997.
•    During the period of 2011 -2015 , the geo-political situation of Sudan has witnessed enormous change:

-    Secession of southern Sudan.
-    Arab Spring.
-    The escalation of the situation in the countries of the region (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, the Gulf region, Egypt and Libya.
-    US sanctions growing impacts on the economic situation in Sudan.
-    Huge fines imposed on international banks against dealing with Sudan.
-    A significant reduction of number of banks dealing with Sudan.
-    Transfer of exchange transactions from the banking system to the parallel market (black market).


ISIS and the West..Values Conflict or Interests Gains?

The GRC has organized on December 1, 2015 its periodical forum, under the title “The conflict between Islamic State and the West is it Values Conflict or Interests Gains? 

Dr. Hassan Hussain, the Lecturer at Gezira University, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, presented this paper.


The role of the parliament diplomacy to strengthen the Sudan foreign relations

As a part of its scheduled activities, GRC has organized a forum on Saturday, November 28th 2015 under the title “The role of the parliament diplomacy to strengthen the Sudan foreign relations”.

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Eldaw, the chief of the foreign relations committee at the parliament has presented a paper in the forum under the title “The roles, activities and the vision of the committee. Dr. Mohamed has pointed out the important and vital activities the committee achieved since he has taken the responsibility, in addition to the foreign participation abroad. He explained the executive role of the committee beside its main role e.i legislation and monitoring as well. The new additional role of the committee extended to endavour to constitute regional engagement like Arabic parliament, African parliament and great lakes countries parliament, and also international associations like European parliament and pacific parliament.


The GRC has participated in 21st Annual Energy Conference of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR)

The GRC has participated in 21st Annual Energy Conference of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) which has been convened on November 24–25, 2015, at its office complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE under the title; "GCC Oil in World Energy Markets: Continuity and Change".


Development of American –Cuban Relations Obtained Lessons

The Global Relations Center organized on 11 November 2015 its 4th session, “Development of American –Cuban Relations Obtained Lessons”.

The principal idea of this session is to examine differences and similarities between Sudan and Cuba that might help mobilizing sanctions imposed against Sudan.


Economic Sudanese-American Relations, Challenges & Opportunities


The session discussed three dimensions upon which base the relations between Sudan and United States of America. For the commercial dimension, some ideas are exposed to build commercial relations between the two countries. The other two dimensions are Humanitarian aid and loans or American debts, concentrating on Paris Club.


Development of gum arabic sector in Sudan

The Global Relations Centre ( GRC) held on 14/10/2015 its weekly forum; (How to develop Gum Arabic sector in Sudan).
Dr. Nibras Hasan presented the fifth Strategic Plan of developing Gum Arabic sector in Sudan.


The Role of Gum Arabic in Reinforcing International Relations


The Global Relations Center held on October 6, 2015 a lecture on Gum Arabic in the Sudan presented by Dr. / Abdel Majid Abdel Qader of the Secretary-General of the Council of Sudanese Gum Arabic in which he pointed out that Sudan produces about 80% of the world production of gum. During the period from 1906 until 1920 Gum Arabic represented the second place in Sudan exports with cotton.



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